The Return of The King

The question is belief. What I have come across is that whatever we believe, you create. Granted this information may have weight, but do we “stick around” in it or do we ascend above it and hold steadfast in the belief that we adjust our reality based on our mental actions as much as our physical? Fighting things head on or rising above such a forecast and that action altering the reality around us, which one seems better? Both may do justice to prevent repeats in it, however, that too is merely a concept that is a trap within confliction.

I see all these “pieces of information” popping up, however, they lack to sense to approach things elevated, and so it just stirs up the public, or the people trying to ascend and drags them back into a pit of endless lopped drama. This is very tricky and challenging because we should not ignore the information, but we also need to transmute our way of treating it.

As you can read, the comments are just as “turnt-up/fired-up” and again, this way is easy and basic. That is not who we are, elevated one’s. Take this information and stack it up with the data you have learned about the power of attraction, life, experience, chance, risk, loss and gain. Add in the spiritual aspects and the things you may have observed that are difficult to word or replicate. On one hand we have an issue, on the other hand, we are the issue. Our rules of what it means to be human, our desire to become far greater, or standards that are the basis of our societies, and our challenges to elevate above the swing of that pendulum; become what?

That is tricky, any way you look at it. Becuase what is known is also a form of reality that can very well be a suggestion layered with beliefs. The challenge in challenging what is known gives both truth and unclarity which creates alternate central points. And if you know about 3D reality and when it comes in two points and line and sight, then this will create complete alternates. Complete alternate Dimensions, alternate worlds, alternate realities, alternate functions, alternate routes, understandings, efforts, and so on, in an endless form. It is not as simple as thought, seen, or relayed from anybody, because once you dive into understanding the reality of things the reality becomes more complicated.

Ancient Origins

Egypt, a place located on a planet where we are born and has as much mystery as the consciousness that humanity has. The Pyramids and King Tutankhamon have been a topic of discussion for countless people. The purpose behind the alternate way of thinking and living may just be solved soon, as we are constantly and progressively advancing our search for understanding why in our lives this has become and why we do not know about it.
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