ESO and Learning 3

While playing Elder Scrolls Online, I stream a video to learn about another person’s perspective in this world.

That caps-off the audio for this segment and guest speaker. I may go back and visit/share some of his other talks in future ESO & Learning episodes.
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Spiritual Supernatural Flight Demands

I went to St Joseph’s Parrish and got there to talk to the people after the noon prayer. When I arrived, I was just in time to hear the monks close out and say amen (12:15-12:20p). When they were done, they went behind the wall and I was not able to speak to them. I went outside and drove over to where I saw a lady tending to the land. In our conversation she told me to come back at 1:30p and that I could walk the land if I liked. And so I did.

I walked through the pathways next to the tree’s, and then it happened. There was this one moment where the moment told me to look up. When I looked up to the sky, flashes of rainbow lights began to enter into my eyes. It was a challenge to hold my eyes open. The immense power that was entering into me and presenting to me, caused my eyes to water-up and function on their own. I was then pushing back to keep my eyes open. It was as if I was allowed to witness the change/possession/empowerment/adjustment/addition/blessing/event/etc. I am not in full knowledge of what occurred, however, nature’s many various animals were there in the moment with me. The birds were all around, releasing different noises, there were small winged bugs that circled around my head, more so about 8 inches above it. And as I stood I was able to face the power. It was not harmful in any way, it was more like, “This is something you can handle, do your best Tony.”

I knew that I wanted to keep my eyes open even though they struggled to close. The flashes of light and feeling took hold of the moment. I then wanted to get a firmer/easier position on the event that was taking place, so I took off my jacket, laid it on the ground and used it to keep my head and neck off of the grass (those little mites are not fun). I continued to look up towards the sky. I could now look in certain areas without resistance from my eyelids, although the multicolored flashing was immense. Soon, more birds came around chirping and making other noises. I closed my eyes and allowed more to occur while showing my trust in the moment. Then behind my head I felt multiple figures. Then a noise that resembles the Tesla Coils when they are powered, sounded off to the left of me, behind where my head was resting on the ground. This noise was loud and then it occurred to the right of me. I knew something spiritual and even beyond that, was taking place.

I opened my eyes and laid there looking out through the clouds for a few minutes. I noticed a large mass of clouds to the left and the right converging and where they were about to connect, I saw a face. I stared at its eyes then closed my eyes for a few seconds. When I opened them all the clouds were gone. I then felt the need to rise and so I did. I began walking back to my car when all of a sudden an eagle flew by me. I watched as it began to ascend. As I viewed it circle counter clockwise then clockwise, gaining height with every turn, I saw 3 other eagles much higher up. I began to watch them, knowing that the other was heading up there too. One got into an air current/stream and sped across the sky while another went an alternate direction. As I watched it speed by me, tons of birds were hanging out alongside of me. I watched as the eagle opened my view to others very high in the sky. When I felt I was done, I spoke and said “Thank You,” which was followed by a tremendous lightning strike and rain.

I proceeded to meet someone at the parish and they called the person in charge. I sat and had a meeting with them about life, properties, and next steps.
I’m not going to sit and process exactly what happened. That is something I used to do and although eventually, the vision arrives of what that moment carried, This time, I want more. That power and the sensation are leading me, and this epic quest just got a lot more interesting.

Leading up to,

The enviroment,

Otherworldly Mystics

Maybe you all can talk to me about this.

I went into the mountains one day with a pack of incense and found a spot that I sat, legs crossed, I took off my shoes and socks and lit the incense.
As I began meditating, I had tons of questions about my placement and then all of a sudden, I had this feeling that all around me “eyes” were watching me.
I held my ground, even though the feeling did not bring ease, and I continued to meditate.

I begin asking questions verbally, then listening for sounds or replies.

At one point I could hear the voice of a female answering the questions pertaining to feminine aspects. The voice was sweet and loving. Then when I got to the heavier questions and challenged existence and all its creation, next to me the rocks started to rumble. I kept my eyes closed and in position, holding onto my field of awareness and energy. After about 5 minutes, I had this urge of instruction to open my eyes and look towards the direction where the rocks and ground shook.

I had my camera with me too. So when I looked, I was amazed at this rock that took the shape of a face. I was about to get up and go towards it but there was this powerful force that insisted that I remain seated. I suppose the connection/meditation session was not yet complete.

Up to that point, over the course of the year, I had begun seeing faces in many things and also experiencing things that would not be considered “normal” by any means, including rooms that I was in, folding and revealing alternate pathways where walls are flat. On occasion, I would notice the breath of everything, even inanimate objects moving to a design that looked like Tetragrammaton’s and other elemental shapes. I once passed through the veil of matter and was in a place that I can describe as a smoke-like energy/flow that could take the shape of people, beings, and other objects of familiarity. I’ve been in a white room before, where a voice asked me to move forward without being/doing anything I have had prior. This perplexed me profusely because I even acknowledged that breathing is something from prior, So I just stood in place completely still, breathless, and unsure how to become something or act some way that was not from any arrangement of experience or knowledge I had ever collected.

I have been put through many trials (including death). I know that each person may experience life and the quest for divine expansion, differently, but I was hoping that someone here, in all seriousness (that means without the BS or trolls with “crazy” references or drugs talks), could come forward that may have been able to remain conscious in many of these “otherworldly” trials, may have been able to document them with equipment, or can talk with me about progression.

I haven’t stopped proceeding and at every moment I am seeking to know and communicate with matter, energy, and whole, in ways that allow me to be more than the present form.

Anyone out there, know what I mean?
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Ancient Origins

Egypt, a place located on a planet where we are born and has as much mystery as the consciousness that humanity has. The Pyramids and King Tutankhamon have been a topic of discussion for countless people. The purpose behind the alternate way of thinking and living may just be solved soon, as we are constantly and progressively advancing our search for understanding why in our lives this has become and why we do not know about it.
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