ESO and Learning 5

While playing Elder Scrolls Online, I stream a video to learn about another person’s perspective in this world.

New speakers to listen to in this video, and after I was done playing, I let the speakers finish.
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ESO & Learn is a video series that is produced to learn other peoples views in the world, while gaming in Elder Scrolls Online.

ESO and Learning 3

While playing Elder Scrolls Online, I stream a video to learn about another person’s perspective in this world.

That caps-off the audio for this segment and guest speaker. I may go back and visit/share some of his other talks in future ESO & Learning episodes.
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Stay Turned to the next episode and see who is the speaking guests.

ESO Summerset: New Beginnings

I’m getting back into the flow of PC gaming any 10+ years with playing the newest addition for the Elder Scrolls Online franchise, Summerset. Since I was not able to transfer my character from PS4 to PC, I have to start a new one. This seems like a system development flaw that a AAA title shouldn’t have. The mechanics are the same, however, with the pc, the control and a few other things are slightly different. WSAD.

Gregarious Wahhabi: It’s Right Here, Eat Up

Our broadcast connection was a little wonky for the first few streams, sorry about that.

Gregarious explores the lava filled cliffs of Stonefalls, finds some Nirnroot, and reads a book.

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Gregarious Wahhabi: Crow’s Calling

In this episode, we adventure into Stonefalls and do the Crows Calling Mission in-between learning how to craft and do writs.

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The Journey of Gregarious Wahhabi

This was my first MMORPG where I would be talking to other players while adventuring. I had only experience online gaming in first person titles and most of the talk was either taunting the opponents or letting teammates know the location of campers.  Since this experience was new, I knew it was going to take some effort to get into the groove of chatting with other players.

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The Adventures of The Dimensions Guild

In this page, you will get to uncover more of what it means to be a dimensionalist as we game together across many platforms in a guild.

In this thing we have called forth as a challenge of our lives, gaining the competitive edge and finding like-minded players, is key to success. Both aspects should be considered but not worshipped, as you might just rightfully know, that type of thinking processes a large amount of disappointment when results fail to deliver any parallel requests. Action and Expectation may drive you to a point, but after you get there, you must utilize other wits about you to advance to the next stages of expansion.>

What you equip, earn, and have as assets, determines the amount of support you can receive from other players. Stocking up early on and learning through action, questioning with trial, and observation, can all raise your self-worth in the arena.

Get your head in the game if you want to win.

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