10 Minutes In ESO

With less than 10 minutes left before the server is shut down, I log on, so I can complete my daily ticket redemption, so I am one step closer to earing the super rare mount. I start by increasing the stamina to my horse and from there, it’s on! See how much I can get done in 10 minutes.

I gotta make it through the loading screens, get to a delve, make my way to the dungeon boss, and win in a fight against them before the timer goes off.

The Elder Scrolls Online Holiday Festival

ESO and Learning 5

While playing Elder Scrolls Online, I stream a video to learn about another person’s perspective in this world.

New speakers to listen to in this video, and after I was done playing, I let the speakers finish.
If you wish to view the original post of the speakers, please visit,

ESO & Learn is a video series that is produced to learn other peoples views in the world, while gaming in Elder Scrolls Online.

ESO and Learning 3

While playing Elder Scrolls Online, I stream a video to learn about another person’s perspective in this world.

That caps-off the audio for this segment and guest speaker. I may go back and visit/share some of his other talks in future ESO & Learning episodes.
If you are interested in the outlook of the person featured in this video or would like to watch the entire clip, you can, at,
Stay Turned to the next episode and see who is the speaking guests.

ESO Summerset: New Beginnings

I’m getting back into the flow of PC gaming any 10+ years with playing the newest addition for the Elder Scrolls Online franchise, Summerset. Since I was not able to transfer my character from PS4 to PC, I have to start a new one. This seems like a system development flaw that a AAA title shouldn’t have. The mechanics are the same, however, with the pc, the control and a few other things are slightly different. WSAD.

Housing of The Dimensions Guild (ESO)

The Dimensions Guild has 4 locations as housing. Watch this video to see them all. As a bonus, you will get to see some of the efforts into perfecting every location as Tony designs the placement of some unique items. Continue reading “Housing of The Dimensions Guild (ESO)”

Late Night Wahhabi (ESO)

When exploring around some of the previously visited areas to pick up on provisions, Gregarious finds some new markings to visit on his map. Continue reading “Late Night Wahhabi (ESO)”

Where The Shadows Lie (ESO)

There is no way around it, the shadow must be faced, and faced it is. In this episode things get really dark and not only are shadows challenges, Gregarious also uncovers what’s been feeding and being fed on.
Continue reading “Where The Shadows Lie (ESO)”

Wahhabi Shards (ESO)

Collecting and fast running through some missions, we are leading up to another transformation in our gaming presence, so it is best that we tighten up some loose ends. 😛 Continue reading “Wahhabi Shards (ESO)”

Betting Up (Elder Scrolls Online)

As the exploration continues in Clockwork City, more becomes revealed about its secrets. In this episode we even get to control a mechanized rat. Continue reading “Betting Up (Elder Scrolls Online)”

Clocked At Lightspeed (Elder Scrolls Online)

Let’s get aligned with the ticking of the clock so the machine can see as we do. Continue reading “Clocked At Lightspeed (Elder Scrolls Online)”

Tile’s The Mender (Elder Scrolls Online)

With Clockwork freshly unlocked, let’s explore, do some missions, and see if we can find that darn Senche Mault recipe. Continue reading “Tile’s The Mender (Elder Scrolls Online)”

Clockwork (Elder Scrolls Online)

Unlocked the Clockwork location through this fancy trick and now Gregarious is off to explore it. Continue reading “Clockwork (Elder Scrolls Online)”

Adventures of Wahhabi continued

Set out to complete everything in Stonefalls, Gregarious travels all over to nap the lore books, in-between odd missions and wondering elsewhere Continue reading “Adventures of Wahhabi continued”

Guild gifting and duty requests

Active online players in the guild get some gold and items on occasion as a thank you. The guild also opens up weekly incomes to a few players. Watch the video to find out more. Continue reading “Guild gifting and duty requests”