Indian Orchard

Today was filled with new things under the sun as I explored a few areas with my mother. I enjoyed our moment connecting together. Something about today felt surreal. The night prior I was in training. The class was to understand how to hold the vibration of the reality that I wish to attract and live. In the class, I was instructed to see and feel as if the desired reality was already here and if I needed to, I could think that it had happened 10 days prior. I was also told that the challenge would come forth the next day following my request and sight. The challenge was that two realities would be in my zone and I would have to solidify the one I wanted. The difference in both would bring forth the opportunity to push away either. Solidifying the new reality means holding the image and feeling within so that the perceived experience can formulate matter to the arrangement best dominated, 2 out of 3 to 3 out of 3.

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Statistical Notes

For the month of January 2018, landed 107,544 visits. A 30% increase from the month prior. As I continue to perfect the design of the website and marketing elements, this number is just going to keep rising up. In no time, It will surpass my previous milestones made hitting over 11 million visits in a month from a previously sold company of mine.

As if numbers are the thing I aim for, they are actually not, however, in the business of business, numbers = worth and that is where the clients live. If I ever want to interact with world leaders, the impact of my motion must have the weight and volume to reach their busy little ears. My steps are planned and the effort I put forth is a dedication that anyone anywhere would be grateful of.

Moving forward, the upcoming posts and designs are going to start becoming more and more immersive. If you haven’t tried out the demo, swing by and find the Nuka Cola Vending machine.