The Tesla (driverless) Semi Truck

Coming Home, 5 WW2 vets and 21 Korean war Veteran’s

Party at gate 51B. Welcoming in 5 WW2 vets and 21 Korean war veteran’s.
Even a guy with a bagpipe yo!

Welcoming the Vet’s Home:

Bagpipe’s Greatest Hits:

ESO Summerset: New Beginnings

I’m getting back into the flow of PC gaming any 10+ years with playing the newest addition for the Elder Scrolls Online franchise, Summerset. Since I was not able to transfer my character from PS4 to PC, I have to start a new one. This seems like a system development flaw that a AAA title shouldn’t have. The mechanics are the same, however, with the pc, the control and a few other things are slightly different. WSAD.

My Destiny

I’ve been looking at my data saturation for this past week and I am so very happy to see the results of this push. Although I was seeing the numbers I wasn’t looking at the communication side of things. I knew that I needed to have volume before I could be heard. Anyhoo, after checking things out on the surface, my content and words have traversed through 4° of separation. That means people shared my content to friends, and those friends shared with their friends, and so on 4 layers deep. Continue reading “My Destiny”

The power of knowledge and the changing of time

I was sent some clips today from the upcoming Disney film, A Wrinkle In Time. This one clip was kinda nice. Disney, on a global front, is assisting in expanding the consciousness of humanity. With things like this, they help people begin to look “out there” to look in. We have all been doing an impressive job with inquiring about life, its practices, and developing a change to be better in every moment. It is showing. Our unification is building and it is influencing companies and people that have a greater platform to share this knowledge with the public. You are going to notice things speed up very quickly, and with that in mind, I would strongly suggest continuing to consider all the new information that is coming in. WE have come to this point and the data is impressive of what we have uncovered about ourselves and more is flowing through, keep those observation goggles on and keep on shedding those layers of blinding behaviors both in action and mental. Continue reading “The power of knowledge and the changing of time”

The Design of Life 2.0 (Information From the Top – Delivered to You)

The definition of “work/jobs” is changing. As we step forward into the new age of machines and understandings, the responsibilities also alter. Right now, head leaders from all around the world are working out the new mechanics to how wealth can be equally shared. The money system we have known is taking a radical change. The way we work and what we work for, is also adjusting dramatically. There are many processes in place to ensure that no-one is left behind. This major shift in technology is adjusting energy sources as well. Environmentally, with the energy sources, the planet itself will finally get some breathing space and as the planet gets better, the overall health of humanity and every living being here will greatly increase and be prolonged. You are all here to witness the closing chapter of an outdated system and bare witness to a new design of life motion. Continue reading “The Design of Life 2.0 (Information From the Top – Delivered to You)”

Yogi Coyote

I have a class called “Yogi Coyote.” This is where I mix a custom built yoga style with a spiritual craft of magic, sounds, smells, and thoughts. I am able to take every aspect of each being and separate them with every move. The aspects travel outward in a moments flash, then as the move shifts, the aspects come back into being. The aspects travel out to gather information to bring back into the center of each persons’ being. Although it may seem like the time between each move would not be enough to travel far distances or attain enough data to make a difference, the speed at which they travel is like an astral projection at the speed of light. The class with the mix of senses and mind clearing act as an anchor and this class is only hosted once a month. The data that comes through and into the being takes about a month to digest and shift. In that phase, the superbeing will beseeching for more and in that movement they can both define a new life through their new expertise and also expand more with the next monthly class. Secretly, I also take a huge part in the process. Beyond the visible, I help direct the flows of all beings I interact with. I listen to their monad soul and assist in bringing that supreme directive into light. It is fun and I have countless stories of the souls aspects and their stories bestowed unto me. I will be starting a class in Milford, PA in the upcoming weeks if anyone is interested in coming, let me know so I can rsvp you. Space is limited. Continue reading “Yogi Coyote”

The Courage of Surrender

In this moment the touch of the divine will led me to the heights of a mountain. There, I did a photoshoot while breathing in the wondrous sights abound. On my way back, I came to a stream coming down from the top of the mountain. On the climb to the top, I noticed gold flakes everywhere in the stream. In a pairing with messages, this meant a change was about to take place. Little did I know, but after I climbed a cliff with my camera and tripod in hand, I was going to do something out of my comfort zone. Continue reading “The Courage of Surrender”

Across Times Defined: Alaya-Vijnana

Who’s been keeping up with the dimension144 studies? We are almost ready to design our 2nd reality.
Take the first steps into knowing how to self-heal and travel throughout time and space in this advanced intellect post.
Continue reading “Across Times Defined: Alaya-Vijnana”

Black Panther

Behind the scenes, cast interviews, the world premiere, and other data of fine details of the Marvel Studios film Black Panther, are spread throughout this page. If you are a fan of the comics, Marvel, watching the process of the movie magic creation, or becoming more immersed in T’Challa’s world, Dimension144 has got it.

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This year, portals will be declassified. There are so many of them of various connections. Some “wormholes” allow us to travel short distances in the matter of milliseconds. What I mean by short distances is from the Earth to the Sun (92.96 million miles). There are other holes that allow us to travel much longer distances, billions of light years, in the matter of seconds and minutes. Consider it a loading screen and all the resources of a new area need to be populated prior to experiencing them. The wormholes or snakeholes are the lobby that loads into that portion of the reality. This is all allowed within the rules of this dimensional reality, although there is other alternatives to interstellar space and time travel, we first must learn the basis before proceeding and designing localized teleportation for public use. Continue reading “Declassified”

What The Future Holds Today (Part 1)

If you could own a shapeshifting vehicle, would you? First, you will see large brand manufacturers come out with rides that can shape change into various branded IP’s. This is done to keep exclusivity and uniqueness to the brands. Then as the technology is further understood and becomes an easier resource to develop with, you will see independent designers pop up all over. This is evident as it is how every other trend has expanded. In film for example, once the technology was consumer priced, Indie projects ignited onto the scene which shaped the way for the demand of digital video embedding and hosts, in-turn propelling web host companies like YouTube into the online positioning freedom they presently have. Continue reading “What The Future Holds Today (Part 1)”

Anti-Gravity Device

Today we are able to adventure into the worlds of dreamers. Fans of Science Fiction can create and live in the things only previously seen in movies and animations. IVI Tech is pushing the boundaries of what is possible in our reality. Among the devices and inventions that they are in production of, Anti-Gravity and Teleportation Pod’s are some of what is in store for the general public.
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Housing of The Dimensions Guild (ESO)

The Dimensions Guild has 4 locations as housing. Watch this video to see them all. As a bonus, you will get to see some of the efforts into perfecting every location as Tony designs the placement of some unique items. Continue reading “Housing of The Dimensions Guild (ESO)”