Ferrari Pininfarina 458

The super sexy and sleek Ferrari Pininfarina 458. I got to hop inside this automotive beauty and the feel behind the seats hug and power behind you pushing you faster into the infinite is a marvelous masterpiece.

I saw this car from the distance and caught up to it, from there, the driver happened to pull off the exit I was going to and I asked if we could chat for a moment. He drove me to where he was picking up his hunny and this photoshoot occurred.

New York International Rally

I was invited to a rally to document it.

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[Images captured in the year 2005 A.D. Prime Reality 1]

Baltimore Car Show

I was invited to a car show in Baltimore, MD (USA) and was given a booth space to promote whatever I wanted to. So I invited an import model, a group of people, a modified car, a rapper, and a DJ to fill up my space. This is the documentation of the adventure.

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[Images captured in the year 2006 A.D. Prime Reality 1]

High Life [Film and Series Trailer]

From my reality to your screen and into your head then back out into your reality we go. Making things possible and designing those high vibrations. Giving more, receiving more, conceiving more, and beyond.
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