Artificial Intelligence

I took a test against AI and won all 3 rounds. I switched up my mindset in every game multiple times so it could no longer predict me. You gotta consistently switch things up to not bea statistic. The AI was the best in the world, a government-private sector unit. Continue reading “Artificial Intelligence”

How to be a Dimensionalist

Dimension144 is not like any website you have ever visited. This domain upgrades, learns, and adapts to you. Presently we are in the development phase of the website and many changes and features are still being tested out. As we shift our design, you are more than welcome to watch the adjustments happen. The tutorial seen on this page can help give you a general idea of how you might be able to navigate various sections of the website, be sure to press start and give it a try. Continue reading “How to be a Dimensionalist”