Shades of Death Road

I found a road called Shades of Death, so I took a stroll on it to see what I might discover.

Concrete City

This is a batch of abandoned buildings nestled deep into Pennslyvania.

Drone Test Flight 2

I’m getting better at navigating the drone, soon I will be doing fly-throughs and smoother pans. Some of the footage was from the hands of my nephew too.

This is Letchworth Village in NY.

Music Audio provided by Ketsa and Foniqz

Drone Test Flight Footage

For the test flight, I took the drone to an abandoned location and flew it around to understand maneuverability and motion with still and active objects. I met two police officers and they took the drone for a spin too. Found out some history about the location and the science experiments performed there using horse blood. Yeah, horse blood. Very strange. Anyways, I am interested in obtaining the property to remodel it into a science lab and technology lab, so that makes things a bit stranger. I guess the place has its specific callings.

I also took the drone to the top of the High Point Monument in Montague, NJ. I would have done more while there, but the wind conditions were severe and made it difficult to keep my flying stable.

Music audio provided by The Polish Ambassador

Letchworth Village

This place is creepy. From the moment I stepped foot on it, I had the feeling of being watched by an unseen force that carried an intensity that was not welcoming. But me being the kind-hearted loving white chocolate man that I am, I proceeded to discover what was beyond the real of the living. I brought a few friends along with me that were up for a new adventure.

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[Images captured in the year 2006 A.D. Prime Reality 1]