Dimensional Imagery

Capturing images in real life or in videogames is a fun and explorative process. Now that videogame developers are specifically making UI’s to take photos and social media outlets like Instagram promote great photo taking, we can see a fantastic thing on the horizon. DIGImirror is making a game that the main focus is image capturing, and titles like Uncharted and Super Mario Odyssey carry features that give digital photographic artists a space to play. Things are all blending and opening up the world to translation from game to real life imagery.

Our crew at Dimension144 loves that these two worlds are blending and this page is devoted to our best images witnessed and captured in real life and videogames. In-between the great shots are stories that reveal the lead up to some of the most stunning moments witnessed in today’s era. As the world meshes through this transition, being observant and reacting quickly is key to ruling and being able to share the epic encounters that used to only be able to be told in worded stories.

In our journies through this reality and many alternates dimensions, we document our travels and bring them here for you to view. Whether you are on Earth or in a reality 27 layers deep, Dimension144 is time and space locked into every location. This allows us to update from whatever world we adventure in or create.

Enjoy this mix of digital and physical realities Dimensionalist’s!

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