Reality Influence

If the cells of my body send a signal to me via carbon copy (since the signal is not the actual thing, but instead is a mirror), then I am able to send the cells a signal to let them know if how they feel is how they should be feeling.

So, if a cell is burning and I receive a copy of that message and then feel it. I can send a signal to tell the cell it does not need to act/react that way. I offer a different signal back as an alternate. That alters the effect of the environment, thus making invincibility, immortality, matter alteration in the local body, and with further communication and definition, the reality itself is then alterable instantaneously through master relays contributing factors of alternate experience, connected through foundations of divine control from oneself as a higher form.

The Higher Form. This level of intellect, to be this, requires devotion. Strength in the belief that the sending signal is truer than the one being received. This is where training comes into place to know the signal, feel the environment, to meditation to clear the mind, so in the time of alteration desire, the outside forces are not overpowering and controlling, because if the signal received is stronger this would cause oneself to submit to the events from reality.

I do believe that this is what the masses mean when they say we are slaves of matter. And learning how to take back one’s power means to be able to create one’s own reality influence. So then, now as a new step, it would be the training to know this approach without challenge.

I am not saying that reality should be completely controlled, there is probably a healthy give and take balance, but with becoming more highly advanced, the standard formatting of realities rules also need to be adjusted to fit the expanded personalities and potentials.

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