Otherworldly Mystics

Maybe you all can talk to me about this.

I went into the mountains one day with a pack of incense and found a spot that I sat, legs crossed, I took off my shoes and socks and lit the incense.
As I began meditating, I had tons of questions about my placement and then all of a sudden, I had this feeling that all around me “eyes” were watching me.
I held my ground, even though the feeling did not bring ease, and I continued to meditate.

I begin asking questions verbally, then listening for sounds or replies.

At one point I could hear the voice of a female answering the questions pertaining to feminine aspects. The voice was sweet and loving. Then when I got to the heavier questions and challenged existence and all its creation, next to me the rocks started to rumble. I kept my eyes closed and in position, holding onto my field of awareness and energy. After about 5 minutes, I had this urge of instruction to open my eyes and look towards the direction where the rocks and ground shook.

I had my camera with me too. So when I looked, I was amazed at this rock that took the shape of a face. I was about to get up and go towards it but there was this powerful force that insisted that I remain seated. I suppose the connection/meditation session was not yet complete.

Up to that point, over the course of the year, I had begun seeing faces in many things and also experiencing things that would not be considered “normal” by any means, including rooms that I was in, folding and revealing alternate pathways where walls are flat. On occasion, I would notice the breath of everything, even inanimate objects moving to a design that looked like Tetragrammaton’s and other elemental shapes. I once passed through the veil of matter and was in a place that I can describe as a smoke-like energy/flow that could take the shape of people, beings, and other objects of familiarity. I’ve been in a white room before, where a voice asked me to move forward without being/doing anything I have had prior. This perplexed me profusely because I even acknowledged that breathing is something from prior, So I just stood in place completely still, breathless, and unsure how to become something or act some way that was not from any arrangement of experience or knowledge I had ever collected.

I have been put through many trials (including death). I know that each person may experience life and the quest for divine expansion, differently, but I was hoping that someone here, in all seriousness (that means without the BS or trolls with “crazy” references or drugs talks), could come forward that may have been able to remain conscious in many of these “otherworldly” trials, may have been able to document them with equipment, or can talk with me about progression.

I haven’t stopped proceeding and at every moment I am seeking to know and communicate with matter, energy, and whole, in ways that allow me to be more than the present form.

Anyone out there, know what I mean?
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