My Destiny

I’ve been looking at my data saturation for this past week and I am so very happy to see the results of this push. Although I was seeing the numbers I wasn’t looking at the communication side of things. I knew that I needed to have volume before I could be heard. Anyhoo, after checking things out on the surface, my content and words have traversed through 4° of separation. That means people shared my content to friends, and those friends shared with their friends, and so on 4 layers deep.

This is phenomenal. I have been enhancing my content, art style, wording, and approach, and it seems to be working. Now that my stuff is finally being shared, this means that I get to think about layered messages and how my persona/presence should be received. This level of engagement is the first wave of trending and making a significant impact that will allow me to have in place great opportunities for support, saturation, and dream manifestation.

I am working with multiple constructs to ensure a speedy delivery of my dreams. I am approaching these arrangements with complete dedication and seriousness. My enjoyment comes from the design, communication, seeing the results, and the supreme gift comes from the abilities that I step into. Yo, I’m looking out to be a role model in the field of advanced wisdom, spirituality, sciences, entertainment, dream manifestations, and creative constructing including realities and defining material arrangements.

I want to travel through space, I want to explore this planet and many others. I also want to design my own realities with their own set of rules, visualizations, and experiences that are not like anything ever downloaded and lived prior. In order to do all that, I know what I must become/be. And this dream isn’t something that can be taken away from me or doubted on. It’s going to happen, I am going to do it. Because I know what my destiny is and where this chapter of my endless series is and where it is going to take me. I am pushing the limits and breaking the boundaries. I am creating new rules and I am going to fully encompass this design as I adapt to its being. YeeHaw!

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