Multi Reality Interface – Alternate Realities

Have you ever been curious what an alternate you may be doing at this very moment? Could your connection across every layer of reality charge you? How can we access multiple dimensions one at a time and simultaneously? In this post, I will go into some recent discoveries, hidden data, and personal experiences, that will assist in revealing more to what this experience is that we call life.

What do we know about alternate realities? Well, from a public information scientific standpoint, nothing. If you begin researching, what you will certainly discover is that there are people that attempt to tell you what is fact, others will describe what may be, but all in all, everything is “Theorized understanding based off of what we can assume this reality is.” We base our data off of what is consistently provided in the physical reality we collectively perceive. We have designs computers to process within the set field of parameters and with their assistance, we fundamentally make our lives easier in many ways.

I have had experiences that unfolded my once solid understanding of the way things are in life. I have seen and continue to see many layers of difference in the provided reality. There are some things that I am working on to describe what I experience, however, there are levels that have not the words to catch them. There are visions that take place where the feeling produces the visualization, there are moments where the senses that I am used to are not the senses that I have and instead I carry a completely different set (or alternatively enhanced), or other moments occur that need a richer pairing of reality interaction to be able to properly convey the instances. It will happen, reality has a mysterious way of helping define the life it shows within me.

When I use the word ‘reality’ it means the experience of life told through the senses, the mind, the feeling/heart, the various history (as a platform), the perception and its decision carried within, the information combinations, and the possibilities saught from the reality commonly known.

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