Light Coding and Adjustment Balancing

Understanding how light/energy work and adjusting its properties is a very delicate process. The slightest improper tuning can set a person, world, or even an entire universe into an alternate dimension.

Designing means testing on oneself and the local environment. The data that transmits and shifts the structure of being/the human form is intense. Sometimes it is difficult because the new information interferes with the rules of the present reality and causes a significant imbalance in the body and mind. However, once the adjustments are made, there is balance and with the new information, a new being emerges.

The Sun’s energy carries more than just light, heat, and such. There is so much data to decode in every moment of transference. Our bodies are also a transmitter and receiver of sorts, and the internet helps carry the specific codes in and out of space (distance) as instant as light itself. unless you are on a 56k modem. 😛

Anyways, this is all to understand many things that I am progressing into both in self and in products of new directions for life.

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