Possession of another’s love, does not welcome a real connection.
Your power is endless and ankh’ing your flow provides a consistent loop of everlasting light.

I found out about this directly through experience. There are stages/steps to enlightenment and to pass through the primary levels of exchange, I learned how I gave my being to the response of reality. The role was love through mercy. The strength in weakness, allowed me to traverse far beyond the character destined. The gradual pull amassed to a knowing, where my placement and definition revealed a place of complete freedom, however, when you know your direction is not of the highest sight, you know. For me, it was draining. And although there are attributes that I have picked up along the path in the valley of shadows, I also know that my presence there manifested impactful changes in the complete system. Viewing how a person’s actions and presence can directly adjust another’s reality and how fast that the reality can then influence mine, led me to many questions about life and its coding. While I was in this state, love through mercy, repeated the same results regardless of action. Every layer faced similar situational contexts. Regardless of sacrifice and aid, the results were not reflective to the known results of being at other stages. This area confused me for a long while because it was within me and how I chose to direct the flow, that gave me the reality I was directly interacting with. It was soon thereafter that I discovered looping/ankh’ing my energy and living within that flow, I am able to provide a different type of exchange. It is much more than just the thought, there are many aspects of the self that I needed to elevate in order to ensure an ongoing delivery.

This doesn’t mean that I am operating on a different level so interactions are not balanced fairly. I took the leap to learn, suffered and shifted into a better state of internal intelligence. Paying close attention to the feelings of myself and the environmental situations allowed me to navigate into a better form of clarity. The state opens up an alternate type of freedom in this reality. The interesting thing about this is that it solely depends on yourself. In all the levels that I have passed, the situation can be altered by internal feelings, mental pictures, intentions, and other factors that are unique to the experiences I have faced. I know that while I was in the “pit” my vision was that I was stuck there although my heart coding was leading me to see better. This also conflicted my actions because I was living in two worlds of life in the physical and multiple worlds internally. I faced it, although it was rocky at times, but that was merely because my vision was focused on being rocky. Yes, the reality can get difficult, but how much of that difficulty can be from the mental mindset of the experiencer?
This is the question that has allowed me to dive even deeper into the understanding of life and the coding that is hidden behind reality. Where is the line between the experience and the experiencer? We already know why its there and one of those reasons is to become more enlightened of thyself, life, and other select motions. This question led me into learning more about what is within me, how to access it, what the varying differences are, how they alter the reality both through my direct actions and from internal flows, and even deeper realms of questions, ideas, and thoughts of alternate possibilities.

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