Its Just Picture app

Its just Picture app

Now you can access all of the adventures, design graphics, and game captures from Dimension144 directly on your phone. Load the app and swipe right to have the 144 Artificial Intelligence Partner select your flow and double tap to share your favorite images on all your social media. The app is forever free and is updated on our server, not your phone.

We have over 50000 images to place within the app and will be updating Its Just Picture frequently. As we continue to explore and discover new places, dimensions, and familiar territories, the app will be updated. Keep checking back weekly in the app for new content. You can also check back here to see if there has been an update and how many images are available within the app.

Image Count 8/8/2018 = 728

*Make sure you have a solid data plan. To be unlimited, you gotta have unlimited things. Depending on your location and data speed, it may take a brief moment to load the initial image and Artifical Intelligence Partner.

Download the Andriod app at

Its just picture app

Install Instructions

In order to install this app on your device, you must allow 3rd party applications to be installed. Follow this guide to navigate to the settings.

Step 1.

Go into Settings, General, Fingerprints & security

Step 2.

Scroll down to Unknown Sources and turn the setting on

Step 3.

Now we have to find the app on your device. Go to General, then Storage.

Step 4.

Select the location you download files to. If you have an sd card, most likely it will be in there.

Step 5.

Find the file ijp.apk and click on it.

Step 6.

The screen will ask you if you want to install the app. We have designed the app where it does not require any access to anything on your device. No system settings are ever changed, needed, or affected. Click Install.

Step 7.

Since the app is not on the Google Play Store, a 2nd window might open to confirm installation of the app. Click the Install Anyway text to proceed.

Step 8.

Almost there, the next step is to click Open and the application will launch. Depending on your data/internet connection and devices processing power, the initial loading of the first image and Artifical Intelligence Partner may take a few moments to boot up. After it loads the first image, you are ready to browse the pictures. Swipe right to go to the next image. If you find any images you love, double tap on the screen to share it to the social media accounts you have saved on your device.