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Today was filled with new things under the sun as I explored a few areas with my mother. I enjoyed our moment connecting together. Something about today felt surreal. The night prior I was in training. The class was to understand how to hold the vibration of the reality that I wish to attract and live. In the class, I was instructed to see and feel as if the desired reality was already here and if I needed to, I could think that it had happened 10 days prior. I was also told that the challenge would come forth the next day following my request and sight. The challenge was that two realities would be in my zone and I would have to solidify the one I wanted. The difference in both would bring forth the opportunity to push away either. Solidifying the new reality means holding the image and feeling within so that the perceived experience can formulate matter to the arrangement best dominated, 2 out of 3 to 3 out of 3.

This was the test and mentally, I was willing to give this a try to my best abilities because if this works, I know I will be able to understand the construct and design of existence a little more clearly. Throughout the day, I had great connections to assist me in stepping into that new realm of possibility. I even faced challenges that would have the chance to jeopardize the effort put forth. In the moments of jeopardization, I saw a repeat of life. I had already experienced it. However, when I played the game prior, I was not as enlightened as I am now and the result was not something to be proud of. Previously, I traded my integrity and allowed the imbalance to persuade my being and the environment acted quickly began a spiral in the direction of unpleasantries. This time around it was all completely different. With my abilities, even though I was challenged, I came at life with a closed mouth and opened mind once the delivery was detected. This allowed me to process from multiple angles and also be collective about this build up.

Throughout the day, I was treated with balance and synchronicity to continue to raise my vibratory levels and feelings. As the night grew, there were indications forewarning what lye ahead. I could feel a force outwardly that was different and lower than what I was feeling inside. I did not let it affect my being and instead, I increased my focus and energy into the feeling and vision of my preferred reality.

Everything that was told to me would happen was actually happening. I was experiencing a significant shift. This made things quite interesting because I accepted that I would try this on and would give it my best shot. I knew there was no margin for doubt and that I needed to give it my all. Because of this instinct and effort, there it was, happening right in front of my very eyes and I was aware of it.

In the moment that I had already lived, I chose a different outcome. This time, with the added patience, respect, wisdom, and other various preparations, the reality changed. The outcome was different. In the moment, I had actually noticed that I already had this experience, countless times before and all were met with the same result until this time around. Had life gone through a full circle? It sure as heck felt like it. And this time, the loop was halted and I felt a sudden shift in new extensions.

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This is interesting and also brings new light into what is on the mind and what is held in the heart. The path to learn and be able to hold everything in sight of the highest caliber and to shift the unsettling things into new dimensions of perpetual bliss is one that is worth the effort. I now hold a vision of something far greater than myself. I sense the coming of a moment where my people seed to their people, and so on both in life and passing. A call spoke from within. Thinking alive instead of dead to all that have passed and with this powerful intention sight, manifestation consciousness returns within a new reality to hold/carry all. This is the best words I can presently give to the vision that flowed in/through me. Perhaps it is for me to have so I may adjust more of my inward function. I will continue to test this reality engagement so I may see clearly what it is I can and must do.

Such an amazing responsibility to kickstart. I know this will be easier and make more sense as things develop. And try I shall. I must understand this call.

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