Hotel Matrix

I was drawn to an area to bless and investigate it. With my camera and incense in hand, I went into this land, long forgotten, and this happened…..

A few weeks earlier I came across this site and recently I had been dreaming about it. The call was to go there and walk the land through a light of exploration, blessings, and other attunements and adjustments. As I drove there, I felt the heaviness of fear attempt to take hold but it would not succeed. Along the way, countless numbers of crows continued to appear and fly the opposite direction I was heading. The sun seeped through the trees as it rose above the tree lines, in an instant, I pulled my car over to capture some photo and video of it and to watch it for a moment to charge up higher for the challenge ahead.

To make things even stranger, in one scene I noticed a transparent black thing flash by me and I captured it on film. But…when I render the video, it disappears. After trying a few file formats, I decided to film this video showing what I saw. It’s like this “being” or whatever is alluding my edits. I have heard stories of this happening with images before. Why you trying to hide, yo??


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