High Priestess of Bali

I met up with Ida Resi Alit the High Priestess of Bali, Indonesia for a spiritual linking. In the project, I shared a profound connection with the moment and understood Balinese during the transmission. I went through various levels of reality with her and surfaced free’d things.

During the chanting, while her eyes were closed, they were open. At first, her tongue was unintelligible. After a few breaths, I heard the words clearly. Her eyes locked on mine and we started a spiritual conversation that peeled the reality around us. The visualization was as such:
First, the light levels adjusted in the room and things got dark in some places and light in others. Next, the reality became monochromatic. When this happened, the reality broke down and revealed the neural mapping of what my senses translate into what I consider reality. Then it happened, the Balinese she was speaking, I understood, instantly. I heard the details behind the vocal flow and we began our spiritual dialogue.

I know where I am heading. The responsibility is surreal. The experience is fact. The layers of things pulling out of me and the polarities/magnetized parts of my form are awakening in ways I am fairly new to but also feel familiar. I have been here before and have done this many times over. All is exciting.