High Life [Film and Series Trailer]

From my reality to your screen and into your head then back out into your reality we go. Making things possible and designing those high vibrations. Giving more, receiving more, conceiving more, and beyond.

Come join us as we embark into the world we know and watch as we create the reality we dream of in, High Life. In the series, we go to places around the world to help us discover the missing pieces to explain what consciousness is, we enjoy some of the most luxurious designs man has delivered, and we invent new technologies in our quest to design a better experience to live. And as we learn how to do all the supernatural acts, bend rules of the reality, and manifest new parts, you will be there every step of the way with us.

A Dimension144 Exclusive.

Voice over in trailer by: Tony “Money” Hulse


Life and its meaning have been a question on the minds of all humans as they embark into the world of experience. Generation upon generation we populate new ideas and dissect old ones in a never-ending quest to discover why we are here and what we can do beyond the scope of what has been known. In today’s moment, we can approach new wisdom and understandings that redefine and expand who we are.

In the High Life, we travel around the world to places of ancient times, of holy passage, we show mankind’s greatest ideas, products, and future design to uncover the structure of humanity, the universe, and everything within.

This show is intended to inspire viewers and to uncover the secrets contained within the information that is Life.


The High Life covers all the areas of public entertainment interests while pairing it with a complete storytelling experience to captivate and inspire the viewers to begin to ask questions about the meaning of life, its formation, how to communicate with it (all forms), how to enjoy the experience, how to share data, offer proposals of new worlds and organizations, offer insight into knowing thyself and its processes, to assist in seeing patterns within and around life, how to unlock hidden talents, reveal new technologies and movements of humanity, and how to have fun moving forward in lives new designs.

This is filmed in high definition with high framerate cameras and rigs to capture the clearest experience of sensory overloaded enjoyment. The Creative Visionary behind this project is the CEO of Dimension144. His vision and wisdom understanding many of the secrets of the universe are unparalleled. A quick look at the website www.dimension144.com gives viewers a glance into the mind of this reality pioneer. He carries an artistic personality that translates into photography, film, music, graphic design, storytelling, video games, and other unseen sensations.

The importance of this film couldn’t come at are more needed moment. With society searching for answers to unknown questions that are carried within, the data consumption rate is at an all-time high. The statistics reveal that humanity is consuming information unlike anything before and suggests that added space in the mind and body have been allotted. This type of behavior means one simple thing, that humanity is on the brink of a new discovery about themselves and the data is there to aid in pairing the information in a formattable fashion. Recent changes in the planet, moon, and universe and developing events within the human body and life throughout the planet, all show the uniformity and massive plan at work for all life to experience.

This film (and series) are there to help humanity know how to look for the subtle and significant changes that are leading up to a global and universal shift. This entertaining guide allows the light to come forth and kickstart the world into synchronicity with the universal alterations occurring every day at more frequent rates.

Artistic Approach:

In High Life, the senses are taken on a trip through space and time. To the delight of the viewer, is a smorgasbord of data received through every fiber of their being. The project is designed to connect to all cells within the body and create new passageways of discovery. Everything within the film (and series) is real, which means that any of the information displayed can be further researched by inquiring minds, thus leading them into new horizons and away from their daily cycle. This, in turn, brings forth greater advancement of themselves and humanity.

Music is custom made for each scene to open the receptors of all senses. The design is a masterpiece in the making. The visual content paired with the audio, allow the viewers’ minds to pair information and begin to feel through internal senses and taste the scenes. The highly trained professional, Tony Hulse, understands how data is translated and can utilize internal memory to activate taste bud receptor memory, inducing the sensation of flavor without the consumption of fragrance or food.

The experience in this film (and series) is designed in such a way that the viewers themselves feel like they are there in person and as the mind correlates it into their life, their vibration and cells adjust to the lifestyle and adjust their reality. The effect is ongoing and everchanging. Before the film starts and in the marketing, viewers are advised of this effect and its results. This also assists in the grassroots marketing and hype of the film (and series).

Programming Details:

Since the target is humanity itself the outreach for this film (and series) is as expansive as the abilities it unlocks within each viewer that watches it and interacts with others. Even people that have not seen the film, may come into contact with someone that has and in doing so, the shared moment of experience connects and alters. The energetic tone is everlasting and transferrable through social interaction both physically and digitally. The saturation data and momentum of the shift comes at a great time. In the world of human that are searching for a reason, they become it. They transfer life into a new form through the convergence of data and the expansion of ability. Mentally, the world can experience new avenues of structure and engagement. Issues that were once unsolvable will can now be solved and transmuted. And all it takes is one simple film, to inspire, to motivate, to encourage, to develop, and to transmit new codes into the structure that is shared reality.

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