Games We Play

You’re a gamer huh? Do you think you have what it takes to be part of the Dimensions Guild? Join us during events and game with the players of Dimension144. We play a variety of titles to train our hand and eye coordination, to fine tune our deduction skills, to upgrade our in-the-moment fast response times, and to become better community players both in game and in person.

Our skill sets and wisdom keeps us ahead of any competition or copycats. Our ability to alter our flows allows us to shift at any moment leaving the world to guess and observing to learn our new designs. We are limitless. We are in-tune. We are Tomorrow, Today.

Competition is not part of our list of actions. We are beyond that. We practice in sportsmanship and challenge, there, rules can change, and will, according to our competence of the scene. We will always discover, adapt, and perform beyond ourselves. Faster, better, Stronger, Descriptive, and Endless. The trail we create is the way and is the path for our past and changing our development in ways of connection, magnetic pulls, to guide our past forward to deliver us to now. As we evolve our life, our unification and reasoning bring together all of time in reunion.

Our present titles include Elder Scrolls Online (PS4), Raw Data (VR), GTAV (PS4), and Goldeneye (N64).

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