Entering Into A New Dimension

This was one of the first days of Dimension144, December 16, 2016.
In my ventures into a world unknown, I had stumbled into some of the darkest rooms one could find. While searching for clues, I felt like I was one of the lost. Not really certain of what would come or what to do, I just tried and set a direction as my way.

The struggle was surviving. After wanting to leave the life in a valueless vessel and after attempting to speed up the process of extraction, the heart spoke and asked me to try and create something to live for. The company Dimension144 was formed.

What happened next in my life was something far from traditional. If you have ever heard of a spiritual quest, that is what was happening and those dark rooms started showing themselves differently. This realm within life had its own feeling. The space in the ‘gloom’ is very hollow and silent. The light and the dark merge in this place compassionately, instead of the clash that may be seen from another view of day and night. It is like the two worlds blend together here. In this space many impactful visions surfaced where value of the soul and vessel filtered in. The universe was tricky with that, because as the value came through, the sensation of everything becoming “deleted,” smacked my mind and feelings around into a powerful whirlwind of a hurricane.

This was a new level of knowledge and experience, the cost was heavy, frightening, and full of suffering as a victim of circumstances beyond my control. It felt as if death was in the vicinity but instead of taking my life away, it wanted to unload its burdens on the heart and ears that could listen.To handle such a load of data took some serious adjustments and alignments of myself, my view, and a gradual alteration on the power behind my voice.

I am not sure what stage that was, but it was an intense delivery that has forever changed me.

And so, on that day, while in the gloom, the sun shined but it wasn’t an intense brightness. The energy carried around my space was very gentle, as if I was the hand that sand would pass through or how clouds move effortlessly around as directed by the wind.

When I was first here, fear did not allow me to sense the environment. Once I could get some bearings and have a space to stand on, I began asking myself to see everything coming into me from more than the side it was originally conveyed (A level of the ego embedded, unfolding). I soon discovered, that it was not I that was fearful, it was the data entering the surface of my space that was frightened. I was feeling its fear.

This then opened up a new challenge for me. I knew that in my fearful moments, thinking expansively and getting myself out of the funnel of fear, sometimes is not so clear.

So then I thought, “could it be, that this experience, right now, whatever this is, is afraid and that I must acknowledge, address, and transmute this experience.

We oftentimes carry opinions about this-or-that of daily things of entertainment and personal interest, and the world also says to be unique, so when this foreign experience entered into my space, I had to sense it, and also bring my A-game into the equation and manifest a new tuned current for both the guest(s) and myself. I know what an attachment is, and I know that if I discard it, the chances are, it will come back, so to save a few steps of torment, why not make a conscious effort with the whole embodiment of thyself and work my magic to raise the situation to new understanding and altering views. Is this what it means to ascend?

This effort has had its many ups and downs of luck, however, the being of which I AM has never known so much as to know that I try to bring forth these shattered pieces that are searching just like my presence is. Because of all of this, I know I am developing a new flow to help guide the lost that are of this transmission of transition.

What are we as beings in this whole arrangement that is life and how do we flow better flows that are manifested before action and thought? What is the connection and how do we become it while also being our unique? Does the ego become servant to the higher being of self? But isn’t that a division and aren’t we trying to bring our shattered pieces together (in transformative ways)? I guess we will go, step by step into this throughout Dimension144 so everything is crystal clear.

At rock bottom, the things we discover guide us.

(Note: These images were captured on that very day that I was in between worlds traveling in the gloom. With one foot in the old matrix and one in the higher dimensional plane, my center was between them. Can you feel the softness of the sun and its gentle embrace through the screen?)

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