Enlightenment Inbound (Note)

I have read the policies that forbid sacred knowledge from leaving the chambers at which they are held, however, this is not the time to enclose. We are at a defining moment in our lives and a new class is emerging. I understand many things about the universe, its laws, and the codes of adjustment. I have seen many things, experienced death, and have done things that would otherwise be considered supernatural. I believe it is the opportune time to begin showing the surface of what we can do. We are at the moment where we are no longer children and we are stepping into the welcome party of/from the universe.

I understand there are measures that are in place to prevent a dumb embodiment that messes up the created arrangement. I also understand that matter, in any form, carries its own intelligence and the call of the present moment is to reveal things faster, with compassion, patience, understanding, wisdom, and a fun delivery that can excite the very fiber of our being so it sticks. Our next stage need not be a fashion trend in passing, it shall be an adventure of what we can do and how we can work with the reality at its core.

The rites were in place until the time where the knowledge could be freely built in new source leaders. Not the basics of dictatorships or unions of that sort, but the expressionism of creative love unbound that is as caring and as patient as God/Universe/Source (GUS). When I speak of patience it is not of time, it is of care, to be able to patiently love and develop into the being that can proceed through the degrees and once through the doorway, still decide to retain the arrangement in all its beauty and evolve the present to new information.

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