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Dimension144 is designing the future and with your support, we can attain and access that reality (and many others) sooner.

If you have been browsing the website, you may have come across some designs for new realities, products, cities, and technology, or you might have seen our need to expand and document more of the world we live in. At Dimension144, we strive to design a reality where we have abundant access to material/matter alterations, supernatural abilities, multi-reality access and access points, and have the ability to be our very best versions. We also express our supreme interest in documenting our explorations into many places unknown to humanity. These are all fantastic and with your direct support, we can achieve these dreams together.

We are looking to expand our capabilities with better equipment, additional staff, website upgrades, product development, and social constructs.

When you donate to us you will be rewarded. Besides assisting us in moving forward at a faster rate into the future, you will also receive a gift in return. There are donation (range) brackets and with every contribution, you will receive a reward. Small donations may receive an exclusive image while larger donations can have various items mailed to them including outfits, posters, and products custom made from Dimension144 and all exclusive to the patrons that donate.

We have elected to run contributions through PayPal and your donation(s) can be processed by using the button below. Thank you for your support.

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