Photographer Concept Art

Videogame developers, DIGImirror released two images of concept art from one of their upcoming releases, The Photographer. In this game, you have the choice to play as two unique characters in their own separate worlds where the actions of one affect the others’ reality.

In the child’s world, there are no worries or health bars or anything to distract you from exploring the massive open-world sandbox. The catch is that whatever you place in your backpack, manifests in the other world. As an adult, you play in a Gotham-like grungy open world city. Your job is a private detective/photographer that is about to photograph the strangest things.

A few additional details were leaked on the CEO of Dimension144’s LinkedIn page that details how some of the mechanics work. We are excited to see how this game comes together and are eager to get our hands on a playable demo. DIGImirror is part of the Dimension144 network and that means we get to post details as soon as our developers progress with the design. Since our company is kind of small at the moment, we will do our best with working as fast as we can to get to the next phase of development for this title.

In the concept art, you can see the little child digging his hand through his nifty backpack and in the other image, you see a giant hand coming through the clouds via a portal over the city.
You can be assured that there will be thousands of possibilities that inject themselves into the city and how the people act and react, during and after the events that take place are even worth adventuring around the city.

More details to come.

The Photographer
A Cause and Effect open world sandbox videogame

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