This year, portals will be declassified. There are so many of them of various connections. Some “wormholes” allow us to travel short distances in the matter of milliseconds. What I mean by short distances is from the Earth to the Sun (92.96 million miles). There are other holes that allow us to travel much longer distances, billions of light years, in the matter of seconds and minutes. Consider it a loading screen and all the resources of a new area need to be populated prior to experiencing them. The wormholes or snakeholes are the lobby that loads into that portion of the reality. This is all allowed within the rules of this dimensional reality, although there is other alternatives to interstellar space and time travel, we first must learn the basis before proceeding and designing localized teleportation for public use.

Dimension144’s, IVI Technology is planning on showcasing (in real-time) how the local wormholes function and what it looks like within one. Dimension144’s videogame company, DIGImirror, is producing a videogame (The Photographer) which will train and allow the general public to experience this type of travel in a virtual environment to better prepare them for physical travel.

The option to adventure beyond will be up to you and if you choose to do so, you better start training your mind, body, and abilities now. If you are smart enough, begin your research.
(and Dimension144 is an excellent resource to be able to comprehend all that awaits on the other side)

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