Construct 2

When the universe said to me, nope you are not getting a free ride, you are doing this on your own. After so many closed doors……
To keep on track I had faced challenges of disbelief. Strides in work ethic coinciding with requests that showed parallel results took effort. When misunderstood, character development and expression had to occur to build value in request and, wisdom in observance also flowed through as challenge. Knowing that something wasn’t working I insisted effort to cultivate. Damned if it may have been, it’s progression. It takes a lot to make a character and even more to build a better one in knowing it. It’s a birthing and what seems to be a lesson on supreme development, I will know clearer as life makes its life visible and I stick to continuing to what ways of now can we go to be as highest beings of all from the collective view of knowing, cultivating, and developing.

This event (does not open in new link), came to after accepting the terms and conditions of what was to ly ahead. And the trials came on,