Changing My Vibrational Attitude

Directing my configuration of experience on the fly to shift into alternate realities. Inserting into the field of new I add to my instance and in the moment I see the changes and document them. I know you, but you don’t know me. If you follow this, you have been led into a very precise reality from the infinite amount of parallels available. Thank you for coming along for the ride. As I shift into zones more distinctly different than the pictures of life that are standard, will you still come or chose to go separate in worlds? The position of the placement of the atoms will be different but your consciousness will still be, you may be a different being, but I know its still you. You don’t know me, but I know you.

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Then if I go to an alternate, do you still exist or do you shift with me into alternate fields of matter to my sensations to receive and interact with? As I continue to increase my vibration, on top of life, a different reality and additional access to more of my innate power come into my knowing all while increasing my speed into wisdom of empowered movement. With speed I learn from my lesson and gain access to higher forms of intelligence and am able to see things from a higher perspective. Finger snapping instant. Beneficial to myself and to everyone else. This is totally what man is suppose to be and more.

In my universe and my creation. Observe and inspire. Caring about my existence and its potentials of this incarnation and creation. Higher steps, yes, I fucking take them with a smile. Taking control of my own vibratory state. Enjoyable.

I picked up a new color pencil and drew all over my old creation of reality and with this canvas, I am learning how to design a completely new reality. And when that reality isn’t touching my nodes, I will paint and paint some more. This is magic we are in. Watch me now gaining more access to my original free will. A consciousness with a state of being.

Standing true to the test of my circumstances to my desired state of being to generate my reality. Thoughts to solution. The present set of thoughts become the container to the next set of thinking, therefore, think best, with all your might, just as I am now. Utilize consciousness to change the picture.

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