Challenge of Dafa

Winter Snow

For the people across the board that kept me focused,

Thank you for your concern, it most certainly saved me in my drive. Everything could have gone much worst but I focused. I noticed the agitations and the challenges. So many new actions, wise actions, such a great moment.
I was sitting on interstate 84 long enough to watch an Episode of Doctor Who and AHS season finale. TY Spectrum for that. Then I saw that I couldn’t easily search for anime and in a rapid succession of data request to find the section, the application crashed hard. It was cool tho, because I watched a few YouTube videos. This is the very first time a cell phone company gave me practically a lag-free experience between all the apps and phones processing. In between, I was live streaming or trying to stay comfortable. You all kept me company, that was nice. Some of the challenges were that the gas was running low and the wait time was extended. The temperatures also provided a challenge. I would have saved fuel by shutting off but the value of it stay on far exceeded the risk because it was a requirement. The car needed to stay on to keep the window from freezing over. If the traffic started flowing I needed to be able to get going. This also meant to keep the ground heated by the moving parts. As the snow piled up, I also had to continue cleaning off the windshield. The snow would freeze into ice that the wipers contained and was causing the wipers to malfunction. They couldn’t fully retract and acted totally different. Kinda playful but always safely, they would stop at various places, alter the speed, the wipers behaviors, new. I am so very blessed that I would have to go back out. I had just changed my wiper blades and had the old blades. I used my old 26 inch wiper and 18 incher to clean the car off and shank the ice build-up. Getting out of the car was good for stretching freezing up so the cold car felt warm. I used the minimal settings to conserve the gas. That thing did not even budge. Once we started moving I eased up, the driver behind me, preventing a roll back. I get my car going smoothly. That was intense because I needed to win 100%, if I failed there would have been more delays caused by me. Not cool, I got it right and dropped my car into 1st gear and held the grip of the road at my hands and my feet.

And how did the universe move me along? I looked down and saw that first gear had just drained the gas to an alert level. I had to quickly adjust/cultivate and learn the road with acceleration into 2nd gear, and keep on going if I wanted to make it on the finest gas. 7 miles before Port Jervis and had to scale a 1000+ elevation mountain then down to a valley, my learning curve had to be fast and safe. I had a lot riding on me. There were certain times where I had to use the distance of the headlights behind me to navigate what they were thinking. Courteous and cautious. The challenge was then to maintain the flow of the road and situation, keeping attention to fuel levels, keeping the window clear, surviving.

Before I got to watch the shows comfortably, I really had to pee. My windows weren’t fogged enough so I contemplated what to do about it. I knew I would be there for a very long time, that meant the sooner the better, to relax more in this moment. I slouched down. My decision is that I had a medium McDonald’s cup. and a small double cup from work. I quickly drank both of them empty so I could pee into them. I filled all 3 up and still had to go. OMG the challenge. I had a water bottle, I chugged that down and since the bottle top was too small I had to carefully pour one cup into the other so I could finish going. OMG so intense! I had to be patient and slow or me and my car would be covered in pee. Successfully I got it all in, still had to go but was out of cups. Fortune finds me that I was at a level that was comfortable. I capped all the cups and got to it.

On the way, this group of people and I were zig-zagging past vehicles in ditches, dead cars, stuck semi trucks, police lights, tow rigs and where the best traction spot on the road was, given the constraints.

Got up the mountain and tried to use the least amount of friction assist on the way to the valley. As I got closer to the Port Jervis exit, the traffic and harsh conditions returned. Nearing empty, I knew I could make it off the exits and to the gas stations if I don’t have to stop. As I got nearer, the exit was backed up. If I waited, the car would surely would be exhausted. I change it, Do the math, watched the gage and knew I could make it to the first gas station off the pennslyvania exit. I get off and two semis are stuck, I keep my momentum and squeeze by them. The gas station is closed, I have to make it home, no choice, nothing else in that direction is opened. I knew if I stopped the car I might get stuck, I had been training for this moment. I learned how to handle this challenge and arrived at my destination.

Thanks to you.

The captures

and the live streams

This all could have been that much more irritable and if it weren’t from the countless moments of meditation and lessons, it most surely would have.