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Different gaming styles for different game plays, that was a constant challenge but a couple of games came along. Each with new experiences with faster decision making processes. Realtime trainers.

Teleport over to the youtube and please mind the other dimensional clutter. Organizing the museum’s Grand Opening…. (Opens in same window, see ya soon!)

Fallout76 Gofundme Campaign

Helping out my father in the best ways I know how. Game, Record, Have Link, do good. And so, here we begin. I first wanted to test if the game could be handled on an external HD I have. As the world expanded, the load+lag was unacceptable. I uninstalled and reinstalled on the central drive, next video will test out parameters, if they are good, we will game on!

GoFundMe Link: (opens in a blank page).

10 Minutes In ESO

With less than 10 minutes left before the server is shut down, I log on, so I can complete my daily ticket redemption, so I am one step closer to earing the super rare mount. I start by increasing the stamina to my horse and from there, it’s on! See how much I can get done in 10 minutes.

I gotta make it through the loading screens, get to a delve, make my way to the dungeon boss, and win in a fight against them before the timer goes off.

The Elder Scrolls Online Holiday Festival

I Am Disappointed In You Alex Grey

What I feel is true, the events that took place here have led me to another disappointment. On this occasion, it came from the movement of a creative expressionist and his employees. Not only was I told I could not express a select moment in my life, I was also told that my forms of expression were of shitty quality. From one artist to another, when it comes to transcendental expression, nothing is horrid, everything carries meaning. Those that have been part of my ride might be coming more familiar with my varying flows of expression. If you have been part of my movement from the beginning, you know the heart of my being, the servitude and curious nature that embodies me, and the dedication for/of my clarity in defining a tolerable experience and uplifting even that, to the promised lands we have been sowing our lives for.

In this passing moment, generally, I dismiss such disrespectful behaviors, however, the standard that Alex Grey has seeded has now shown its untruths and broke the already fragile words that he spake through verbal and other artistic expressions. It would typically be dismissive to me, but his finite message does not run parallel across his present timeline of life. What I thought were truths, yet again, unfolded. What I thought was connection, yet again was a mirage. How can we be unified in the level of art and expression, when no fucks are given? Meaning, coinciding cross-paths of the source are dismissed with such ease, especially when it is an enhanced delivery such as spiritual relation.

And listen, I am not saying I am a saint, not by far, I know I have fucked up on many occasions, but it just urk’s me when I waste my time, when things are not outlined from the get-go. When I ask for the details and then am lied to. I can appreciate a second look at things and I can easily change my mind to ensure stability in relationships, but second-comings are held at a high caliber of communication and expectation of work ethic.

Allow me to start by getting something off my chest and mind,

If you watched it all the way through, thank you.

Direct Message:
Listen Alex, I appreciate that you have brought me to certain things but don’t make your values go down the tube because you or your employees want to compare my expressions and offerings to yours. I stand on my own ground. See me or not, you understand what’s next. Do right by this. I’m not mad, my feelings aren’t hurt or destroyed, but oppressing me by any form, is not acceptable, by me and even by your standards. I made this a public post, not only to clear the air but also to help others that may have also been kicked, such as I. The strength in the events and how to express from each, this is raw and real. Don’t do anything emo or stupid either Alex. Come at me with respect.

How To Be Creative Part 1

Welcome to the series How To Be Creative. In this series, I will go over how I process my creativity and how I tap into that, from there I will be doing creative motions at events and with others to show you how it is done. There is a lot to go over and plenty more to navigate through. Take a listen to the first part and if you are interested in going deeper into the creative mind, stick around for part 2.

The Photographer

This game is looking amazing and I am excited to play the final version of it. A whole new game engine and software programming had to be created for this title. The Artificial Intelligence unit works hard and makes every npc off-the-rails with their own lives and reactions to each addition in the reality. The menus and music are beautifully done and artistically created. Nothing is overlooked in this title. I am also in negotiations with camera companies to be the official sponsored camera in the game and for the deluxe edition, where a physical camera is included in the package. The camera functions as a partial controller and the viewfinder and screen on the camera show the game reality. Players are able to move in 360° with the camera and capture the moments faster thanks to the gyroscopes within the camera itself.

More details coming soon, check back here for updates.

Music audio in this video is provided by: Artem Bemba

Missing Person, Totaled Ride, Ambulance, Cops, and Close Calls……

Missing Person, Totaled Ride, Ambulance, Cops, and Close Calls……

I was driving down Interstate 84 going westbound and the fog levels were very high. Visibility was about 5 feet in front of the car, As I came down the mountain next mile marker 2.7, I noticed a light in the distance, but it looked oddly out of place, as I got closer there was a totaled taxi cab in the road that I almost hit. After moving out of the way, my first instinct was to get out of my car and see if anyone was injured or worse, inside the taxi. I pulled over and turned my hazards on and quickly ran over and saw that nobody was inside, my second instinct was that if I almost hit it, someone else might. So a few cars were coming, I used my light to signal them over and saved a few additional crashes. I looked at the distance from the taxi to my car, and if a car was speeding fast enough, the force would impact my vehicle too. I ran back into my car and placed it further down the highway and ran back.

On the way two other drivers pulled over that almost hit the car, I filled them in on the situation, but they kept going. As I came up, an ambulance pulled up, thank god I would have the additional assistance flagging people and looking for the missing person(s). They turned on their emergency lights and I filled them in on the situation then I went to the back side of the ambulance to signal vehicles to move over and slow down. In between passing cars, the emergency responder and I looked in the places next to the road to see if there was any other vehicles or people laying around. No one was to be found.
As the driver called it in, he informed me that he already had a patient in the vehicle. I continued to flash the oncoming cars with my led flashlight on my phone to help make the drivers aware. Eventually, a car going eastbound on 84 pulled over and yelled out, “I have the driver over here, it was a hit and run.” He pulled around and I filmed some of the interaction and then the driver that was in the accident held my wrist as I walked him over to the ambulance and sat him down.

At this time the first officer arrived on the scene followed by a second. After filling them in, I said my goodbyes and hopped back in my car to post this here. Damn.

Car Fire

Catch some mixes of this car on fire at a gas station I filmed on 8-25-2018 while on my way to a car show. I captured footage with both a Canon 7d and a Drone.

ThIs guy rolled up and next to a pump while his car was on fire underneath. Luckily, he hopped back in and moved it away from the tanks. Then, boom, the car exploded.

Port, Jervis, NY – Sinclair Gas Station.

Ready Player One Virtual Worlds

Tesla’s Shareholder Meeting 2018

It is my understanding that right now supply cannot meet demand when it comes to Tesla products, that is a good thing, right?
Not necessarily. Based on how they are presenting the brand, there is a gap of opportunity to address the care taken to produce each vehicle. As with high-end vehicles, there is an awareness that parts are handcrafted and rigorously tested. If Tesla jumps on this type of style, there will be a better feeling knowing that the delay in owning one of their rides is worth it.

Elon Musk is trying. He is stepping into fields that others dared not to and with being a pioneer into these things, of course, he is going to receive plenty of opposition, however, we are beginning to move into a state of consciousness that shifts away from corporate robotic behaviors and more into the realm of creativity and purpose beyond purpose. What this means is going steadfastly into the future with people like Musk and Hulse, allows us to finally be able to live the dreams. What once was a slow process, we now have the capabilities to do so and quickly. The coding of what it means to be human is ever changing and this next phase, we put down the profits and exchange them for the chance at exploring the universe, creations, and we pop the bubble that has held us in place up to this point of our evolution.

Images from the meeting and the vehicles outside Tesla displayed for the guests:

ESO Summerset: New Beginnings

I’m getting back into the flow of PC gaming any 10+ years with playing the newest addition for the Elder Scrolls Online franchise, Summerset. Since I was not able to transfer my character from PS4 to PC, I have to start a new one. This seems like a system development flaw that a AAA title shouldn’t have. The mechanics are the same, however, with the pc, the control and a few other things are slightly different. WSAD.

Crusing Up the Coast (GTAV)

Now that we are getting a feel for doing gameplay in a different style. Tony switched games to GTAV. In this episode he does a few normal missions then stumbles upon a glitch that creates some trippy alien messages through subliminal flashes of light. Continue reading “Crusing Up the Coast (GTAV)”

Housing of The Dimensions Guild (ESO)

The Dimensions Guild has 4 locations as housing. Watch this video to see them all. As a bonus, you will get to see some of the efforts into perfecting every location as Tony designs the placement of some unique items. Continue reading “Housing of The Dimensions Guild (ESO)”

Late Night Wahhabi (ESO)

When exploring around some of the previously visited areas to pick up on provisions, Gregarious finds some new markings to visit on his map. Continue reading “Late Night Wahhabi (ESO)”

Where The Shadows Lie (ESO)

There is no way around it, the shadow must be faced, and faced it is. In this episode things get really dark and not only are shadows challenges, Gregarious also uncovers what’s been feeding and being fed on.
Continue reading “Where The Shadows Lie (ESO)”

Wahhabi Shards (ESO)

Collecting and fast running through some missions, we are leading up to another transformation in our gaming presence, so it is best that we tighten up some loose ends. 😛 Continue reading “Wahhabi Shards (ESO)”