Moon Festival – Deerpark, NY

Not just for werewolves.
The Full moon is a thing of wonder where energies from terrestrial spaces provide many lessons and shifts to bring together life on higher grounds. The soothing nature of a moon gives a feminine touch to your soul and opens the doors to the heart. This celebration brings another tradition into the pool of our vastness as a species.

The main stage gently introduced new cultures, traditions, and talents to this part of the world, including this Chordophone player,

This Fluter,

A fancy Asian opera song about waiting for the one,


Energy Charrmer. This art moves the Chi around you, charging, flowing, and energizing the space of both the charmer and its watchers.

Then came a test of grounding and transferring the current of energy instead of acting as a resistor, thus making oneself impenetrable.

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Shades of Death Road

I found a road called Shades of Death, so I took a stroll on it to see what I might discover.

Lego Our Nation

What does a creative mind do with all the things that dance around inside their noggin……CREATE!
Lego’s are just one of many outlets an artist can utilize to express the things that exist in their spectrum of thought.
This group of people decided to make some of America’s foundations in large scale with Lego blocks and minifig’s, then travel the United States showcasing them in public areas. Continue reading “Lego Our Nation”

The Power of Water

Niagara Falls
If you are familiar with vibrations, audio tones, mental clearings, and reality shifts, then you can proceed with ease into this post. The experience received at this Wonder of the World is energizing and with any advanced being, can be observed to provide more than just an amazing sight and memorable experience.

The point of visiting places like this is to enjoy them and bring you to a state of being that is above previous versions of self. As the water rushes all around you externally, your senses are absorbing this informational magic and applying it to places throughout your structure. This convergence goes into places deep within your physical coding (HLA, FFA, Internal Biometrics, and DNA), as well as sources not physical in nature. Spiritual researchers, you may be able to understand the magnitude of establishing a connection through such a magnificent source of power. As the abundance of water flows past you and is perceived within you, that same amount of abundance begins to shift many embedded aspects of life. Some things that you could encounter is a change in the feeling and thought of “lack.” This external experience powerfully alters some of the hardest attachments to lower fields of energy like lack and raises the subconscious levels to begin instilling abundance into your life.

“Let The Waters Flow In”
Continue reading “The Power of Water”