Crescent Will’s Unto Universe (The Ritual)

👌 🚺 and gents, time for that part of the chapter where the story unfolds right before your very eyes.
I have contained an abundant amount of this universes aspects. I would say hoarding them, instead, perhaps the right word is, cultivating them. Challenge as it was to hold onto some of the heaviest flows of eternity so that others not suffer harder than has been. Eating that crow for the sake of a better light for all kept me very busy internally, on and off the clock.
I traveled to places others could not, beit from incabilites, fear, tuned vision, obtainment, or property. Within it I found discoveries and opened gateways to existences seeking communication on levels both in time, matter, and that place we go when we are not ‘here.’ These steps I show to you do not need to be copied fore it has already come.

There are many lives lived. Countless experiences that all add up to the sum of what has been already before.
I entered into the eyes of lives that have carried my reflection and stared back from that which it casts.

I have seen life from itself, as a word and a flow.

The path carried choices where the hand forced the direction without any hesitation. In it, the plan becomes clear, the closer you are to obtainment.

The Ritual, is that, for the reason that it gives. In the moment of the moment it was asked of me to perform. Knowing how to do from seeing how it flows and from times before, I carried myself into the field of energy whereas the ears were the universe and demand meant not of need in matter but will of function.

The Ritual
The magic and science are in the knowing, hoping, and willing of actions and thoughts. Take that in stride and step bountiful with calls to order a divine direction. We that are travelers of both the light and the dark understand the importance of both on the levels prior. Moving into demand beyond the realm of initial designing, gives an investment of creative function. How you deem the worth is the lengths traversed to gather the proper amounts of energetic debate.

As the eyes adjusted to the lower levels of light, the shadows that phased through the night’s darkness were seen. No longer could they hide either, all was being revealed.

The Ritual
The whispers of the night embraced by the feeling from the field of energy around me.

The Ritual
When something enters the space unseen but felt, there are three versions that could be described, Love, Unknown, and Adolescent.

The Ritual
Entering into a state of hypnotic and cryptic magic, the veil between realities blurs and additional levels can be seen or overlaid in both the same amount of mass or in transparency.

The Ritual
Affirmation from the distance is good enough for most to continue on, however, there came a point where I requested an alternate technique.

The Ritual
The life had changed since I had last been there. Things had grown and the path that was once there and easy to be seen, was covered by many objects. Regardless, I remembered how to get there and saw beyond the clothing.

The Ritual
I had changed and grown too. We were completely reflective. Knowing where our roots rested.

The Ritual
Through the wall, a path appears. The way is precise as I navigate through this life in search of completeness. It carries me into where I want to be and how I yearn to perform within it. I give it my all and I notice my strides. I see where challenge was faced and attachment had gone to its bitter end. To let go of the anchors that cast no direction, is a direction indeed.

The Journey
When I got my heart back from the one who owned it (that was not me), I had to travel through every vein and artery in order to clean the crude, dipping every part in self love to repair the parts filled and clogged by servility. On the level that had gone, it was as per demand. The flow gave as its told to create. Out of it, looking in, the boat ride did not stop.

The Journey
And with this, came an act, a grand performance. The film was my eyes and the scenes were felt on levels not understood unless lived through. The tale of wisdom.

Only I can walk my path, others may try but they will fail at translating the messages built specifically for my understanding.

The Signs
Along the way, my trail showed my signs, sigils, and messages through various forms of communication. Another person may pass them by, however, I saw them for more than just a glance and each told a detail to me that guided me to my next steps.

We both had questions that needed answers. So reflective.

Everything grows. It’s what you do with the expansion that gives your mind definition to base more of the reality with.

Thank You.

Even if you search hard for it,

Nature and life have a personality about it, that it hides secrets till the intended recipient arrives.

Path Crossing
Some of life’s path crosses where you’ve been.

I pass through places with familiarity. I pushed so hard to get here and now I go back through. I see that I am my past’s compass, and to know that someone ahead of me has been here where I am now, brings me peace and also sorrow. I come before me. I walk into my reality that I have already planned, already made, already destined. I know me, I trust me, the future guide of me and the collboration that it brings.

Fresh Eyes
And with new eyes I see more that has been.

Born again
The transition between worlds, between lives and ways, one tunnel into another light, birth to rebirth, build up – explosion – impact – change. Actions previously, impenetrable. New definition.

Past Reflection
Seeing the past one last time as I looked through the murky reflection, I knew that my former self could and would make it.

As you get closer to your light, things do get darker around you. Transitions.

One last glance, I respect you dearly. And now I 🚀 rocket launch into the future.

Response to choice, instant.


Caged Light
Light caged, still travels beyond its physical confines.

Patience for the past with wisdom to know when to move on.

And so, the signs say, “This is only the Beginning.”

We have much to travel and eternity to explore.

There are guides along the way for every step if needed. All one has to do is know such.

This moment is a memory.

As the moment catches a direction, regardless of distance, you move.

Where do your lines lead?

The path told clearly.

Looking down at the ride reveals that the way is not always smooth. On occasion, it may be rocky and rushing to help stir up the solidified glide and create new waves of motion.

[more to come, check back later]

Spiritual Supernatural Flight Demands

I went to St Joseph’s Parrish and got there to talk to the people after the noon prayer. When I arrived, I was just in time to hear the monks close out and say amen (12:15-12:20p). When they were done, they went behind the wall and I was not able to speak to them. I went outside and drove over to where I saw a lady tending to the land. In our conversation she told me to come back at 1:30p and that I could walk the land if I liked. And so I did.

I walked through the pathways next to the tree’s, and then it happened. There was this one moment where the moment told me to look up. When I looked up to the sky, flashes of rainbow lights began to enter into my eyes. It was a challenge to hold my eyes open. The immense power that was entering into me and presenting to me, caused my eyes to water-up and function on their own. I was then pushing back to keep my eyes open. It was as if I was allowed to witness the change/possession/empowerment/adjustment/addition/blessing/event/etc. I am not in full knowledge of what occurred, however, nature’s many various animals were there in the moment with me. The birds were all around, releasing different noises, there were small winged bugs that circled around my head, more so about 8 inches above it. And as I stood I was able to face the power. It was not harmful in any way, it was more like, “This is something you can handle, do your best Tony.”

I knew that I wanted to keep my eyes open even though they struggled to close. The flashes of light and feeling took hold of the moment. I then wanted to get a firmer/easier position on the event that was taking place, so I took off my jacket, laid it on the ground and used it to keep my head and neck off of the grass (those little mites are not fun). I continued to look up towards the sky. I could now look in certain areas without resistance from my eyelids, although the multicolored flashing was immense. Soon, more birds came around chirping and making other noises. I closed my eyes and allowed more to occur while showing my trust in the moment. Then behind my head I felt multiple figures. Then a noise that resembles the Tesla Coils when they are powered, sounded off to the left of me, behind where my head was resting on the ground. This noise was loud and then it occurred to the right of me. I knew something spiritual and even beyond that, was taking place.

I opened my eyes and laid there looking out through the clouds for a few minutes. I noticed a large mass of clouds to the left and the right converging and where they were about to connect, I saw a face. I stared at its eyes then closed my eyes for a few seconds. When I opened them all the clouds were gone. I then felt the need to rise and so I did. I began walking back to my car when all of a sudden an eagle flew by me. I watched as it began to ascend. As I viewed it circle counter clockwise then clockwise, gaining height with every turn, I saw 3 other eagles much higher up. I began to watch them, knowing that the other was heading up there too. One got into an air current/stream and sped across the sky while another went an alternate direction. As I watched it speed by me, tons of birds were hanging out alongside of me. I watched as the eagle opened my view to others very high in the sky. When I felt I was done, I spoke and said “Thank You,” which was followed by a tremendous lightning strike and rain.

I proceeded to meet someone at the parish and they called the person in charge. I sat and had a meeting with them about life, properties, and next steps.
I’m not going to sit and process exactly what happened. That is something I used to do and although eventually, the vision arrives of what that moment carried, This time, I want more. That power and the sensation are leading me, and this epic quest just got a lot more interesting.

Leading up to,

The enviroment,

The Return of The King

The question is belief. What I have come across is that whatever we believe, you create. Granted this information may have weight, but do we “stick around” in it or do we ascend above it and hold steadfast in the belief that we adjust our reality based on our mental actions as much as our physical? Fighting things head on or rising above such a forecast and that action altering the reality around us, which one seems better? Both may do justice to prevent repeats in it, however, that too is merely a concept that is a trap within confliction.

I see all these “pieces of information” popping up, however, they lack to sense to approach things elevated, and so it just stirs up the public, or the people trying to ascend and drags them back into a pit of endless lopped drama. This is very tricky and challenging because we should not ignore the information, but we also need to transmute our way of treating it.

As you can read, the comments are just as “turnt-up/fired-up” and again, this way is easy and basic. That is not who we are, elevated one’s. Take this information and stack it up with the data you have learned about the power of attraction, life, experience, chance, risk, loss and gain. Add in the spiritual aspects and the things you may have observed that are difficult to word or replicate. On one hand we have an issue, on the other hand, we are the issue. Our rules of what it means to be human, our desire to become far greater, or standards that are the basis of our societies, and our challenges to elevate above the swing of that pendulum; become what?

That is tricky, any way you look at it. Becuase what is known is also a form of reality that can very well be a suggestion layered with beliefs. The challenge in challenging what is known gives both truth and unclarity which creates alternate central points. And if you know about 3D reality and when it comes in two points and line and sight, then this will create complete alternates. Complete alternate Dimensions, alternate worlds, alternate realities, alternate functions, alternate routes, understandings, efforts, and so on, in an endless form. It is not as simple as thought, seen, or relayed from anybody, because once you dive into understanding the reality of things the reality becomes more complicated.

Encrypted Scrolls Front Page Feature

The Encrypted Scrolls is the name of one of my music aliases. If you do a search for it here on you will be treated to the music and some videos.

The popular creative commons music hub,, featured the story being told over a 4 album set. Thier website receives over 2 million viewers monthly. If you would like to download any of the songs, swing over to the Encrypted Scrolls page and grab albums. Tony has decided to release the tracks as creative commons, which means you may use them on your projects for free as long as you place proper accreditation. The well-known rock group The Grateful Dead, were one of the most popular free-source musicians and Tony intends of ushering in a new wave of open source content to keep the flow growing. With sites such as FMA, a level of respect for the love of the arts thrives. Be sure to show your support by downloading and commenting on a few of the tracks.

Latex Test Shoot 2

Getting the camera angles, seeing how it looks, what it feels like and areas to improve before filming. Practice when it comes to a type of film style I am not familiar with.

I have an upcoming film project that requires a lot of new camera work and real-world special effects. I have been building devices that adjust qualities of matter and also have been working with the default codes of nature to create some really stunning visual effects.I’m not going to tell you how I do it, that’s part of my brand and trademark. I am doing tons of testing to ensure this experience takes the viewers to places far beyond. 🙂

The Traveler (Power, Absence of Light, and Curiosity)

The Traveler is a video blog series where I go on hikes around the world and speaks about life and its many arrangements as best as he knows. Every location carries its own information and views. In this episode, I continue my hike from the day before while on the hunt for a piece of my memory that exists in the woods. Throughout the walk, you can listen to my sight of the meaning of being lost, utilizing your own power, and stepping into your design. Continue reading “The Traveler (Power, Absence of Light, and Curiosity)”

My Destiny

I’ve been looking at my data saturation for this past week and I am so very happy to see the results of this push. Although I was seeing the numbers I wasn’t looking at the communication side of things. I knew that I needed to have volume before I could be heard. Anyhoo, after checking things out on the surface, my content and words have traversed through 4° of separation. That means people shared my content to friends, and those friends shared with their friends, and so on 4 layers deep. Continue reading “My Destiny”

The Design of Life 2.0 (Information From the Top – Delivered to You)

The definition of “work/jobs” is changing. As we step forward into the new age of machines and understandings, the responsibilities also alter. Right now, head leaders from all around the world are working out the new mechanics to how wealth can be equally shared. The money system we have known is taking a radical change. The way we work and what we work for, is also adjusting dramatically. There are many processes in place to ensure that no-one is left behind. This major shift in technology is adjusting energy sources as well. Environmentally, with the energy sources, the planet itself will finally get some breathing space and as the planet gets better, the overall health of humanity and every living being here will greatly increase and be prolonged. You are all here to witness the closing chapter of an outdated system and bare witness to a new design of life motion. Continue reading “The Design of Life 2.0 (Information From the Top – Delivered to You)”

Artificial Intelligence

I took a test against AI and won all 3 rounds. I switched up my mindset in every game multiple times so it could no longer predict me. You gotta consistently switch things up to not bea statistic. The AI was the best in the world, a government-private sector unit. Continue reading “Artificial Intelligence”

Yogi Coyote

I have a class called “Yogi Coyote.” This is where I mix a custom built yoga style with a spiritual craft of magic, sounds, smells, and thoughts. I am able to take every aspect of each being and separate them with every move. The aspects travel outward in a moments flash, then as the move shifts, the aspects come back into being. The aspects travel out to gather information to bring back into the center of each persons’ being. Although it may seem like the time between each move would not be enough to travel far distances or attain enough data to make a difference, the speed at which they travel is like an astral projection at the speed of light. The class with the mix of senses and mind clearing act as an anchor and this class is only hosted once a month. The data that comes through and into the being takes about a month to digest and shift. In that phase, the superbeing will beseeching for more and in that movement they can both define a new life through their new expertise and also expand more with the next monthly class. Secretly, I also take a huge part in the process. Beyond the visible, I help direct the flows of all beings I interact with. I listen to their monad soul and assist in bringing that supreme directive into light. It is fun and I have countless stories of the souls aspects and their stories bestowed unto me. I will be starting a class in Milford, PA in the upcoming weeks if anyone is interested in coming, let me know so I can rsvp you. Space is limited. Continue reading “Yogi Coyote”

Indian Orchard

Today was filled with new things under the sun as I explored a few areas with my mother. I enjoyed our moment connecting together. Something about today felt surreal. The night prior I was in training. The class was to understand how to hold the vibration of the reality that I wish to attract and live. In the class, I was instructed to see and feel as if the desired reality was already here and if I needed to, I could think that it had happened 10 days prior. I was also told that the challenge would come forth the next day following my request and sight. The challenge was that two realities would be in my zone and I would have to solidify the one I wanted. The difference in both would bring forth the opportunity to push away either. Solidifying the new reality means holding the image and feeling within so that the perceived experience can formulate matter to the arrangement best dominated, 2 out of 3 to 3 out of 3.

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Changing My Vibrational Attitude

Directing my configuration of experience on the fly to shift into alternate realities. Inserting into the field of new I add to my instance and in the moment I see the changes and document them. I know you, but you don’t know me. If you follow this, you have been led into a very precise reality from the infinite amount of parallels available. Thank you for coming along for the ride. As I shift into zones more distinctly different than the pictures of life that are standard, will you still come or chose to go separate in worlds? The position of the placement of the atoms will be different but your consciousness will still be, you may be a different being, but I know its still you. You don’t know me, but I know you.
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The Courage of Surrender

In this moment the touch of the divine will led me to the heights of a mountain. There, I did a photoshoot while breathing in the wondrous sights abound. On my way back, I came to a stream coming down from the top of the mountain. On the climb to the top, I noticed gold flakes everywhere in the stream. In a pairing with messages, this meant a change was about to take place. Little did I know, but after I climbed a cliff with my camera and tripod in hand, I was going to do something out of my comfort zone. Continue reading “The Courage of Surrender”

The Burden and Honored Privileged

This letter comes to you in a moments heed and call of directive. I am before you to explain what I am becoming. This may serve as a shock to many if not all that read upon these words, however, it is not of joke nor partial arrangement. Continue reading “The Burden and Honored Privileged”

Statistical Notes

For the month of January 2018, landed 107,544 visits. A 30% increase from the month prior. As I continue to perfect the design of the website and marketing elements, this number is just going to keep rising up. In no time, It will surpass my previous milestones made hitting over 11 million visits in a month from a previously sold company of mine.

As if numbers are the thing I aim for, they are actually not, however, in the business of business, numbers = worth and that is where the clients live. If I ever want to interact with world leaders, the impact of my motion must have the weight and volume to reach their busy little ears. My steps are planned and the effort I put forth is a dedication that anyone anywhere would be grateful of.

Moving forward, the upcoming posts and designs are going to start becoming more and more immersive. If you haven’t tried out the demo, swing by and find the Nuka Cola Vending machine.


This is the world. This is the experience. There is a mix of expression. Wanted and Unwanted, loved and hated, joyed and pained. I have seen the push of separation everywhere and also seen the very thing that unifies us all. I have seen the fear in dying and also the courage of living. I have seen religion as hope and as despair. I have heard countless stories of being, believing, becoming. I have heard the sides of the scale and to which they weigh. And I tell you that although these thoughts, these words, are in me, they are not me. This arrangement of decisions from decisions lead to only more deciding. To live in that experience, shackled by the programs definition, is not me. In that I am just a puppet as much as the next. And to break free of that code, what does it mean? Are we then just actors of another play within the story? To what distance does this mirage of reality take me? For, to be here in such an arrangement with the power to perceive this display, it must also be from the same hands. Is this our story, trapped by the confines of the pages within the book it is written? And even if we leap from the pages, what art thou but more images of conception. Glorified by sin. Realized through mistakes, lessons, trials. What comes of the author that writes the fall and rise, to what bounds are we chained? Where in this is the gift of boundlessness? A blind eye not seeith the paradox upon us. is it no choice then but to bow down and respect the cage of the bird, the code of its life, the arrangement of its rules? And is it within such that we see each are different, yet in the same exact place? This winding corridor of passages. What have you done to me? Is there even an I? To move about in the ball of chatter or to move the ball itself, it is all a direction of sensory entertainment with a hidden ‘why.’ Do we choose what we ride in our field of emotions or is choice an illusion manifested for comfort? And to give up, allowing a full flow direction of trust, the director reveals that it has always directed. Wanting lives that suffer to build strong worship, lives that live in bliss to praise, torn lives that hate upon the word to take its power, an all exchange of recycled energy within the same bubble, bouncing from another to another in a go here-go there directive. Such a thought could only exist in and of what? To what end does it seek? To what alteration is it willing? Is this in its rest, a dream, an excuse. Seen. Now, besides what is, what else you got? This world of mental polarities of tribal belief seeks 1 truth. Direct an answer that is not through your standard sources, they are just a succession of compromised confusion. To each cannot lead a solid response without riddle, detects they are played and lost in sensation. To whose hand, to whose hand?

Enlightenment Inbound (Note)

I have read the policies that forbid sacred knowledge from leaving the chambers at which they are held, however, this is not the time to enclose. We are at a defining moment in our lives and a new class is emerging. I understand many things about the universe, its laws, and the codes of adjustment. I have seen many things, experienced death, and have done things that would otherwise be considered supernatural. I believe it is the opportune time to begin showing the surface of what we can do. We are at the moment where we are no longer children and we are stepping into the welcome party of/from the universe.
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This year, portals will be declassified. There are so many of them of various connections. Some “wormholes” allow us to travel short distances in the matter of milliseconds. What I mean by short distances is from the Earth to the Sun (92.96 million miles). There are other holes that allow us to travel much longer distances, billions of light years, in the matter of seconds and minutes. Consider it a loading screen and all the resources of a new area need to be populated prior to experiencing them. The wormholes or snakeholes are the lobby that loads into that portion of the reality. This is all allowed within the rules of this dimensional reality, although there is other alternatives to interstellar space and time travel, we first must learn the basis before proceeding and designing localized teleportation for public use. Continue reading “Declassified”

The Construct Blueprints

There are many books on religion and countless paths to show oneself how to clear their mind of the mess that pulls them every which way, and ultimately how to reach a state of being that GOD/Universe/Source (GUS) is experienced in everything around and within, as one. This series of blueprints describe the construct of life and all its workings.

Beyond the sights, rules, life, living, and so on, there is a careful plan that has been made to order on this level and many others far beyond the sights of human comprehension. This series explains in great detail the processing and design of the Almighty on a level where everything can be seen, understood, appreciated, lived, tested, and acknowledged. This is only a single sight within a vast sea of possibility and design, and since things are endless, this series will unlock the infinite, release the paranoia contained and recycled within, give a peace of mind, and allow you to see and to communicate clearly with GOD/Universe/Source (GUS) in every instance moving forward, upon completion of reading this construct.

Welcome, and congratulations, your path has led you to this discovery for a reason that you are prepared to encounter. Take notes as you venture forward, capture your views, and share them with all. As you develop into infinity, share your expansion using this as your springboard for you and future others. You are now part of me as I am part of you, we always have been, we just never knew.

Tony Hulse
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To face oneself and move past the anchors that do not permit growth, can be a life-altering movement. But how is one to do such a thing when all that they have is the direction of the past leading them away from finding the present?

In this video, I talk about some activities and key words that may spark insight and change within, to find peace, balance, and space to fulfill more of life than what has been.
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August 12, 2016

This day was magical as every other day. Personally, I was lost within myself or what I thought there was as the I within me. I was trapped in a small arrangement where despite my intelligence, the options I was exposed seemed like the only path I was allowed to take. This was torture in so many aspects. I was living in two worlds and sometimes both would blend together. I sure was dedicated to finding the right answer and not just some random idea tossed about towards me by others that seemed just as uneasy as I. Here, I explored many aspects of self, religion, spirituality, ancient histories, and sciences, all to find the answer I already knew but did not carry the complete servitude to walk within. I became a puppet to my own desires until I could find my reason why. Marijuana had a tight grip on my depression at this time and that too brought me into two separate worlds of being. The intellect gained from surpassing suffering and whatever tells the tale brings peace at the end of the day (now 1/4/2018). An observable person may just have what it takes to recognize the chain that keeps them away from destiny, and that too is all part of the destined one’s path. To venture on such a path is brave for anyone to willingly accept and no judgment comes to those that choose to turn away from destiny. I understand, it’s hard, and has driven me to many extremes along the way so that I can gain additional clarity when I couldn’t see.

It was in the moments where neither world was there, that I managed to find a shred of balance within. In those instances it felt as if I was getting put back on my true path in life, regardless how far off the trail I had ventured.

Looking back, I send my love to myself because in that timeline of experience I was seeking a close love that was gentle, direct, strong, and a role model. And although there might be a representational distance between the then me and now, if I am now the higher self I was searching for, I apologize for not coming sooner. I’ve learned through experience, that, although you live with yourself 24/7, when other people enter the door to you, how they are greeted, how they are treated, is what they get to see of you. There is plenty to debate about who treats who better or worse and how to perform better in mind, emotion, and delivery. And yes, I attest that in past lives of me, my eagerness led to certain destructions of morals and losses peacefulness, which led to more and more torment, ongoing, infinite. The shocking truth came when I put an end to one of the major trains of agitation and complexity. I had tried countless occasions prior, but none came as swift as the feeling and gifts that rushed in almost instantly as when I unequivocally decided the time was now to not live in the definition of something that can be controlled in my life of the lack thereof. The shift was sudden, major, and all the intricate parts I had accomplished prior to alternate contextual subjects. It wasn’t difficult to let g and begin winning.

To take that sudden U-Turn out of harm’s way, to make that choice to change for the better, is to prove to reality the value of your being. Within moments, support, affirmations, and respect, began entering back into my life. all of which was something I had not seen while living in the mind of someone that only saw choas and wished for a magical salvation of supernatural proportions to rewrite the path lived. Although not that vision I had in mind, it was and continues to place me beyond my past lives.

There is more to this story and will be added to other day posts of personal experience documented. Life is a rollercoaster till you do something about it.
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