Drone at Raymondskill Falls, Pennsylvania

I am still getting used to the controls of the drone. Today I learned about what happens to the drone at locations with no gps signal. The drone becomes less stable and is a tad harder to navigate smoothly. It’s good to know, I also gave my little machine some extra juice to test out faster speeds, check out this video.

The Hike to the Fissures 2

I came across many supernatural things during my hike today. The hike was long and difficult with no path in places throughout. As I made it to the top I saw faces form on the rocks and trees in my view, it was like my attention was drawn to the specific faces and patterns amongst everything it could have focused on. There were a few places where I had magnetic waves of wind circle around me. The wind would start in a 360 panning over my head and then come down directly around me. I can best describe it as like a tornado/hurricane vortex that dropped around me.

And among the events that took place, on my way back down I came across a stream and spotted another. Although this face was not detailed like the rest, it was still very noticeable.

Here is the compilation video.


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Angela Davis (Produced by J-Pilot) by Rah Digga
We Got Trouble by Kevin MacLeod

The Labyrinth Fissure (Part 1)

I found an interesting anomaly via google maps while I was looking at areas of land. So, I went to investigate and this is what I discovered.

I started my day waking up within a dream. In this dream, I had figured out how to create a controllable anti-gravity craft and land vehicle (and a few other fantastic designs). After jotting thedesigns onto paper I went and got an oil change and ate a veggie 6-inch sub while waiting for the maintence to finish. I ordered a broccoli soup to enjoy later. I hurried back home, grabbed my flashlights and headed off. I was unsure if I would have to guess and pick a spot to climb up the mountain but either way, I was determined to see what this gap in the Earth looking like up close. Arriving at the first opening, I felt the cold breeze coming in from the hollow core. Since I power hiked up a steep range, this air helped me catch a breath and cool me down from the humid summer hat right outside the gateway. Once I got my strength, I snapped off some photos, did a quick live stream, and then headed off to climb higher up the mountain. Finding the next gateway into this massive fissure that had walls like a labyrinth maze, I was in a moment. The view was something I had not seen before nor felt. The silence that was there carried a different feeling, a calm loneliness. Speaking did not echo in these halls. The sound was absorbed and gave the place a distinct vibe that it was listening to my every resonance of my being. I looked around and decided to climb higher to get a better vantage point of this large space. Looking at google maps, I had not even made it to the huge split in the Earth, these were barely slivers visible from satellite imagery. I felt the sudden urge to halt my forward investigation until I would have more daylight time to proceed and also include at least one additional exploration partner. So I headed back down the mountain. After the trip back onto the trails, I went up to the quarry to look around and had a highly intelligent conversation with two of the brightest forms I have ever met. One, a genius in crystals, frequencies, advanced information, and an all-around nice gentleman; The other, a beautiful lady that is skilled in astral traveling. We talked parallels to open the door of safe contention, pairing our energies and rasing each other to a higher plateau. As the sun started to dance behind the mountain I cut loose and hauled ass up the mountain with my car to capture the end of the day and to download some orange sun rays directly into my eyes in throughout my matter while I ate my soup from earlier. But before I left, I gave them a Dylan Cool Mint Chocolate bar and one of my flashlights since it seemed they were going to be there past sunset.

I might go back sooner than next Friday, but for sure, I want to buddy up for this secret area given to me to explore. I shot out a few messages via text, social media, and verbal request unto the universe and I am excited to see what/whom is provided to partner up with me on this very unique adventure.

Bonus Content
Facebook Prepost

Facebook Live Stream

Sunset atop the mountain after leading exploration location (next to a public road)

The second part of this story will be uploaded after I return from the follow-up adventure.

Eye In The Sky

Have you ever wondered about the timing or placement of things in life? Your vision, your observed reality, both inwards through your thoughts, emotions, ideas, dreams, and your outward through your senses, all make up your very unique observed reality. Why is yours so special? What are you seeing and doing that makes your purpose in being, meaningful? As you extend your moment, the definition of reality and yourself reveals the precision. Your code becomes easier to distinguish….and find.

Advancing into something that reveals itself beyond comprehension of the past, rewrites the present and alters the moments prior which in turn adjusts the present.

As the reality and its code is programmed differently, the keen can notice the gradual transforming.

On my way to work, this epic cloud formation decorated my view. While documenting it, another cloud appeared in the foreground, the color added contrast and allowed my observation to focus in on it and an eye was projected on the fluff.

Adventure Starts

I wanted to share with you the line. The messages that come and the experiences that are provided for us if we are keen on knowing what is in the moment as we are part of it.

I went to a spot known for gems, crystals, gold, and other rare minerals. Here, I found caves and other holes in the ground where some stunning rocks were collected. On the way back, far from civilization, I began hearing music that echoed throughout the mountainside. The sounds uplifted me higher and gave me a connection within that defined a possibility that spoke with my heartful soul and surrounded me with a greater purpose. If you have read through other posts on this site, you may have come across the many alternating paths that the winding current has flowed me through to led to this moment and where life is taking me to. My observable reality has only just begun and I am determined to be the greatest thing in my life.

Here in this moment, I felt the very nature of spirituality and the reasons it exists. I was connected to my past and the stories of life. I heard the truth and felt its meaning in emotions and also a different-kind of energy. In this corridor, the passageway is thin but the options are wide and endless. After getting back to my car, I drove back up the mountain and stopped at a pull-off to catch the views.

When I arrived at the very top, I pulled over and was greeted with music and chatter from others enjoying the view. One lady asked if she could take my photo, stating she was a professional photographer. She showed her skills as she adjusted some settings on one of the camera modes to snap off the 2 shots of me with the amazing backdrop. While there, the feeling of space filled me. It was as if the waters parted in an ocean. The waters were the realities of pressure, and I was walking in-between them. There was a different balance that surrounded me and entered into my detection. I snapped off some additional photos and video and continued my mission.

My next goal in mind was to visit this large parcel of land that had some really nice looking abandoned buildings on it. I wanted to get a feel for the area and if it would opt in for me coming there to bring forth my changes. I had learned that if an area doesn’t want me to have it as a partner, I will not be opened to its experience. Here, I walked and talked about the possibilities of what could be if it did. If we are a resonate match, the universe will bend to open doors for the way to happen. This type of intelligence did not happen overnight, it took many moments of lessons and personal tests to see how finite this particular code of reality is. THere was also many things here that made a deeper understanding than what appeared on the surface. These connections begin to testify themselves.

I walked through the land and when I got to the far side, I started a live stream on facebook,

At this point it was almost nightfall. I switched off the live stream and used my professional grade camera to finish off the visit.

This day had me going places new and discovering things about the reality and myself that will be posted on future updates here on Dimension144.com.

Nature Flows

I took a walk through the woods again yesterday…..

The Cave That Led To A Waterfall

For my birthday May 22, 2018, I decided to go to a long walk in the woods and connect with nature. Some of the trails I walked were paved while others I went on my own compass and traversed through the terrain. The mountain tops were covered with a misty haze as I climbed down a mountain, following the water pathways until I reached a large stream. I chanted some mantra’s by the water, suddenly my focus came to a finite point and visually I could see the face of a being on the rocky walls up high. I proceeded to recite my mantra’s until I felt it was necessary to move on. I thanked the audience (which included orbs of light and transparent life) and continued my adventure.

Coming across a cave, I decided to enter. Using my camera flash as a form of light, I navigated inside the cave and came out the other side, which led me to a glorious waterfall. Here, I met many more non-human forms and also engaged in the views of magnificence.

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Music audio by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License