Fallout76 Gofundme Campaign

Helping out my father in the best ways I know how. Game, Record, Have Link, do good. And so, here we begin. I first wanted to test if the game could be handled on an external HD I have. As the world expanded, the load+lag was unacceptable. I uninstalled and reinstalled on the central drive, next video will test out parameters, if they are good, we will game on!

GoFundMe Link: https://www.gofundme.com/gofundme-to-explore-the-world (opens in a blank page).

Scifi Talk with Ronald D. Moore (Battleship Galactica)

I arrived a little late but moved my chair around until I found a good spot that didn’t block anyone’s view and I filmed parts of the discussion focused on Ronald D. Moore. Take a listen.

Here are the images captured during the meetup. In some of the shots, you will see 17 Precinct. It was a show they created but didn’t get picked up. On twitter, I responded to Ronald about a reshoot and what to change in the intro scenes to help get it picked-up. Swing on over to the twitter account @TMpiggyBANK to read my suggestions.

Authors of Horror

Video documentation going to meet R.L. Stine (Goosebumps) and James Murray (Impractical Jokers). They sit down for a panel and chat about horror, pranks, and industry.

Across Times Defined: Alert – Wakefulness

I am proud to share with you the pieces I experience of this journey we are all on. In this episode of Across Times Defined, learn more about what it means to be alert and awake with your senses.

Please view in Full Screen to see all content clearly.

Production Details
Video provided by: Dimension144, Videvo, William Ehrendreich, daduxio, Kiril Dobrev, and magges.
Music Audio performed by: Timecrawler 82
Insight by: Tony Hulse

Crescent Will’s Unto Universe (The Ritual)

👌 🚺 and gents, time for that part of the chapter where the story unfolds right before your very eyes.
I have contained an abundant amount of this universes aspects. I would say hoarding them, instead, perhaps the right word is, cultivating them. Challenge as it was to hold onto some of the heaviest flows of eternity so that others not suffer harder than has been. Eating that crow for the sake of a better light for all kept me very busy internally, on and off the clock.
I traveled to places others could not, beit from incabilites, fear, tuned vision, obtainment, or property. Within it I found discoveries and opened gateways to existences seeking communication on levels both in time, matter, and that place we go when we are not ‘here.’ These steps I show to you do not need to be copied fore it has already come.

There are many lives lived. Countless experiences that all add up to the sum of what has been already before.
I entered into the eyes of lives that have carried my reflection and stared back from that which it casts.

I have seen life from itself, as a word and a flow.

The path carried choices where the hand forced the direction without any hesitation. In it, the plan becomes clear, the closer you are to obtainment.

The Ritual, is that, for the reason that it gives. In the moment of the moment it was asked of me to perform. Knowing how to do from seeing how it flows and from times before, I carried myself into the field of energy whereas the ears were the universe and demand meant not of need in matter but will of function.

The Ritual
The magic and science are in the knowing, hoping, and willing of actions and thoughts. Take that in stride and step bountiful with calls to order a divine direction. We that are travelers of both the light and the dark understand the importance of both on the levels prior. Moving into demand beyond the realm of initial designing, gives an investment of creative function. How you deem the worth is the lengths traversed to gather the proper amounts of energetic debate.

As the eyes adjusted to the lower levels of light, the shadows that phased through the night’s darkness were seen. No longer could they hide either, all was being revealed.

The Ritual
The whispers of the night embraced by the feeling from the field of energy around me.

The Ritual
When something enters the space unseen but felt, there are three versions that could be described, Love, Unknown, and Adolescent.

The Ritual
Entering into a state of hypnotic and cryptic magic, the veil between realities blurs and additional levels can be seen or overlaid in both the same amount of mass or in transparency.

The Ritual
Affirmation from the distance is good enough for most to continue on, however, there came a point where I requested an alternate technique.

The Ritual
The life had changed since I had last been there. Things had grown and the path that was once there and easy to be seen, was covered by many objects. Regardless, I remembered how to get there and saw beyond the clothing.

The Ritual
I had changed and grown too. We were completely reflective. Knowing where our roots rested.

The Ritual
Through the wall, a path appears. The way is precise as I navigate through this life in search of completeness. It carries me into where I want to be and how I yearn to perform within it. I give it my all and I notice my strides. I see where challenge was faced and attachment had gone to its bitter end. To let go of the anchors that cast no direction, is a direction indeed.

The Journey
When I got my heart back from the one who owned it (that was not me), I had to travel through every vein and artery in order to clean the crude, dipping every part in self love to repair the parts filled and clogged by servility. On the level that had gone, it was as per demand. The flow gave as its told to create. Out of it, looking in, the boat ride did not stop.

The Journey
And with this, came an act, a grand performance. The film was my eyes and the scenes were felt on levels not understood unless lived through. The tale of wisdom.

Only I can walk my path, others may try but they will fail at translating the messages built specifically for my understanding.

The Signs
Along the way, my trail showed my signs, sigils, and messages through various forms of communication. Another person may pass them by, however, I saw them for more than just a glance and each told a detail to me that guided me to my next steps.

We both had questions that needed answers. So reflective.

Everything grows. It’s what you do with the expansion that gives your mind definition to base more of the reality with.

Thank You.

Even if you search hard for it,

Nature and life have a personality about it, that it hides secrets till the intended recipient arrives.

Path Crossing
Some of life’s path crosses where you’ve been.

I pass through places with familiarity. I pushed so hard to get here and now I go back through. I see that I am my past’s compass, and to know that someone ahead of me has been here where I am now, brings me peace and also sorrow. I come before me. I walk into my reality that I have already planned, already made, already destined. I know me, I trust me, the future guide of me and the collboration that it brings.

Fresh Eyes
And with new eyes I see more that has been.

Born again
The transition between worlds, between lives and ways, one tunnel into another light, birth to rebirth, build up – explosion – impact – change. Actions previously, impenetrable. New definition.

Past Reflection
Seeing the past one last time as I looked through the murky reflection, I knew that my former self could and would make it.

As you get closer to your light, things do get darker around you. Transitions.

One last glance, I respect you dearly. And now I 🚀 rocket launch into the future.

Response to choice, instant.


Caged Light
Light caged, still travels beyond its physical confines.

Patience for the past with wisdom to know when to move on.

And so, the signs say, “This is only the Beginning.”

We have much to travel and eternity to explore.

There are guides along the way for every step if needed. All one has to do is know such.

This moment is a memory.

As the moment catches a direction, regardless of distance, you move.

Where do your lines lead?

The path told clearly.

Looking down at the ride reveals that the way is not always smooth. On occasion, it may be rocky and rushing to help stir up the solidified glide and create new waves of motion.

A Path Told

A Path Told.
As I walked further into life, balancing it on the edge with death surrounding the thin tight rope I was on, my goals became clear. Life’s meaning, tested and affirmed. I saw the vision, I understood where I was going, turning into, evolving towards. I now noticed my differences. I saw why I was such a unique form. As I placed myself further into knowing and discovering, I fear not, fore my path is being told differently than the traditional.

The Rescue

The Rescue.
First, help was in sight but far out of reach. The struggle to rise and grab the life-restoring mana or 1up was not working with me but against me, or so I thought then. The vision came in to offer me direction. Frustration entered in when knowing things were not instant and even with trials or tests, the light evaded full disclosure. It was my life to then hold onto the precision of success and to fail until failing became winning. From lesson upon lesson, I grew. And soon enough, that boat I saw dangling over my head just slightly out of grasp, WAS NO LONGER NEEDED, I became my own salvation.

Connected Always

Connected Always.
Along the way, both sides of experience would keep me in a spin, but I kept dancing regardless of the ice or fire slathered on me. I lived within the emotions provided and embodied that which I did not understand. Even though I knew it was not my known divine, it was an aspect in the universe of experience and I was its target. Funneled through others not to blame, I carried the pressure to discover, to learn, to know all that is on every level. I knew that persistence would prevail, and I would float and fly higher than ever before. But that realization didn’t come through quickly, no, first, I would need to simmer a bit inside the master’s stew.

What came to me while tumbling around with all the other ingredients that make up our presented life is that it is all part of a whole arrangement and it was my will to truly know why so I could create new worlds from it. I was to meet the artist and learn from his mighty strokes on the canvas of reality before I would have my opportunity at arranging through my creative elements with equal power on the level provided.

Knowing what to pass through is a difficult stride. Loving so much, it is hard to let go of even the things that damage. When I passed on the easy doors to hold onto preciousness, at first, the reality showed an ugly side. It didn’t handle rejection well from me and created ways to showcase its discontent. The communication met a barrier, one we would both have to learn from. Neither of us wanted the present materialization of emotional buildup to reside in the pool which it rested. So, something larger came into play to give this pinball table a full tilt and recoding.

Raising The Bar
Raising The Bar.
When you awaken the mediator, all bets are off. I knew that had happened once the things I knew should be taking place were manifesting themselves at rates as fast as eye blinking.

The Other Side
The Other Side.
There I was, standing on the other side of the ride, looking through the waves that took me to this place. The fashion worn as the character I played effortlessly told a story of the creation in question.

Coming and Going
Coming and Going.
After stepping off the rails, I could see the things coming and going into all the facets of the ride. As they went without knowing and came from what they found. A stage to act in or watch like a television series. I could stop and tell them what’s to come but would they even know, as the ones timed before heard the words but could not relate to the meanings. That is to live.

A Breath
A Breath.
I take it all in with a deep relaxing breath as the messages flow through and affirm the wisdom tones. I made it through the test and not a moment too late. The story teller nods his head and turns the page. Satisfied of details, a language is found between two expressions and now they become more unified, a requirement for the next development willed.

Behind The Scenes
Behind The Scenes.
The next step in developing is to see the development plans. The magic is revealed and the guide to using it is laid out in an interactive manual.

[more to come, check back later]

Coming Home, 5 WW2 vets and 21 Korean war Veteran’s

Party at gate 51B. Welcoming in 5 WW2 vets and 21 Korean war veteran’s.
Even a guy with a bagpipe yo!

Welcoming the Vet’s Home:

Bagpipe’s Greatest Hits:

The Cave That Led To A Waterfall

For my birthday May 22, 2018, I decided to go to a long walk in the woods and connect with nature. Some of the trails I walked were paved while others I went on my own compass and traversed through the terrain. The mountain tops were covered with a misty haze as I climbed down a mountain, following the water pathways until I reached a large stream. I chanted some mantra’s by the water, suddenly my focus came to a finite point and visually I could see the face of a being on the rocky walls up high. I proceeded to recite my mantra’s until I felt it was necessary to move on. I thanked the audience (which included orbs of light and transparent life) and continued my adventure.

Coming across a cave, I decided to enter. Using my camera flash as a form of light, I navigated inside the cave and came out the other side, which led me to a glorious waterfall. Here, I met many more non-human forms and also engaged in the views of magnificence.

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Music audio by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Hare Krishna

The day I levitated for the first time, I will not ever forget it. I was invited to a spiritual gathering and while there, some very magical things took place.
To reflect and see the events leading up to this day, were perfectly orchestrated to navigate me to such a location and moment in time, has been helpful and allows me to understand the forces at work to align my life in the realm that my souls deepest desire is destined to become herenow.

The event had already started and after a lesson from a swami that had come back from international travel and learning, the chanting took hold. Music and dance echoed throughout the temple and as I went around filming I noticed a group of guys jumping in the far corner. I knew I could jump higher than them, that was the feeling in the moment, and so I went over and begin hopping in the air with them. all of a sudden something different occurred. At the apex of my jumps, I did not come back down instantly as I was used to and as the laws of gravity would typically conduct. Something very different occurred; I stayed in the air.

What it felt like was similar to when you place two magnets of opposing currents against one another. The precision of balance inside the gravity adjusting bubble was as exact as a pen tip, any sway to any side from the center threw me off the air adjustment. Not expecting this to happen, when I stayed in the air, I lost balance and began holding onto the shoulders of other people that were near to keep my balance. The event was live streamed from multiple camera angles and you can see me floating if you can find the footage on the ISKON LA youtube channel.

At the location, I met a sacred cow surrounded by fellow devotees of a high frame of being. When I approached, it came over to me and wrapped its head and neck around me to hug me fully, its behavior towards me was different from all others and it was noticed by all. After eating some spiritually attuned food, I headed inside the temple.

This really jump-started me into understanding the laws beyond the known laws of our reality. Additionally, While on my car ride back home, I had a vision of that same moment, lived through another’s eyes. It was as if I lived another life and came to that place and viewed my jumping and levitating in the air, but it was through the eyes of another person that came to that event. This also had me look into the concept of multiple lives lived within the same timeline/timeframe and how that entire system processes the possibility.

Here is some of the footage I recorded from that event.

[Images/Video captured in the year 2017 A.D. Prime Reality 1]

Shift A176.32

I went into an alternate reality. It seemed primitive, technology-wise. They worshipped milk. There was this one specific cow that the town all got their milk from. The People were holding their children in baskets and pouring milk in these carriers to bathe the babies. The babies breastfeeding from their mothers would have milk pour over them from this cow too.
Although the world felt and looked like it was from the past, perhaps it was from a future. The cow was roped to a van. It seemed out of place. I went up and touched the cow. Its mane felt very soft and fluffy. I began petting and touching it with the gentleness and connection that is open-hearted. The cow fell in love with me.

I hopped inside the van and sat down. The cow then let out a call. It was a mating call. For me, I assume, since it was acting differently in my presence. However, the known bull of the land heard it and thought it was for him. As he arrived, the entire area was flooded with people to see the ritual. The bull transformed into a human and let out a ferocious call. I hid in the van. I had no idea about their traditions or who they were.

The bull guy went up to a large pole in the midst of all the people and slit into two, a giant snake that was steaked up the pole. He split it down the middle and began to pull the snake down over his body as its blood and guts painted him. The people seemed to love this. He then proceeded over to the female cow.

Next to the cow was this wooden thing. I say ‘thing’ because I had no idea what it was until I saw what it did next. As he sat in the seat, the wooden machine lifted into the air, silently. As it gained the height where the bottom was at the shoulders of the worshipped, blades came out of the bottom and started spinning and chopping off the heads of all the people near the female cow. Some did panic but it seemed as if most of them knew about this and wanted to be sacrificed for this moment. He continued to move outward until he reached the pole where he split the snake. That was the machines boundary, it could go no further. Everyone from the pole to the cow was now killed. There was blood everywhere.

I used this moment to plan my escape. I hopped out of the van and took a chopped-up body and ‘wore it.’ Then started to gesturally walk away from the ritual spot.

I passed by the king of the land as he was being carried by others. He was sitting on a throne connected to two poles that others were using to carry the king. As I was leaving I noticed a pale white woman with long black hair in the distance, she looked like a ghost with her almost transparency. I felt within me that I needed to follow her. So, I went in that direction to escape. As I gained distance, the female cow started to make her call again. She angled her call towards my direction and not the direction of the male bull. I was the only one in the area where she shot the sound. The remaining townsfolk and male bull saw this and started chasing after me. I can assume I insulted their traditions somehow and now they wanted my head. The bull man wanted to prove his dominant worth. I began to run through the desert, not taking the worn roads. I was following the direction of the pale white lady that would disappear and reappear in the distance, like a lighthouse beacon directing me. I was approaching a large wall that was not climbable, and to the right of me a group of women had caught up to me. They had some sharp blades. In this moment I found out where that large snake from before, came from. One leaped from underneath the sand and ate half of one of the women and continued to devour her. Although it is cruel to think this way, it was the distraction I needed to escape. The women were trying to help save the one being eaten and were no longer focused on me.

I turned to look at the wall for a method of escape and a small opening appeared. I crawled in and it closed behind me. I was in a small room that resembled a rectangle with a wall in the middle going the length of the shape. There were paintings on the walls and fresh food and sweets to eat. I went around to the other side of the dimly lit room and there was an exit and also a garbage chute, it was marked as such. I went through the exit and it brought me to a new location that did not carry the same weather conditions as the realm prior. There stood this lady, beautiful in every way. Her paleness shifted and her complexion, figure, and everything about her transformed. Every feature was one that completely appealed to all of my senses. She come over to me and spoke to me telepathically. I was destined to be there. She had been waiting for me for so long. She came over to me and placed her hands on my chin and pressed her lips against mine. It was as if our souls merged and became one. Nothing else mattered except that moment. Then my timer went off and I was back in my facility.
I set a timer when I am visiting alternate realities for safe measure.

Traveling to alternate realities is exciting.

I showered all the sweat, dirt, and blood off of me. The image of this women had been burnt into my mind. What was her name?

I should be more careful when traveling.

I no sooner checked my inbox of messages and a name was there, Maeve. Was this her name?

August 27, 2016

The things the universe does to help free my mind and step into a new light, amazing. Although I was blind at the time, looking back, there was so much to be thankful for. Now, today, I look around and see what is here in place and as I look forward to whatever dreams may come, I am prepared to walk among them as a more educated man.

Sometimes I have visions that this life lived thus far is but a vision that I’m having from a moment in another world. And if that is the truth, I need to try my best and make this vision amazing, for I do not know when I will awaken from it. I must value and cherish this because of its uncertainty.
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August 14, 2016

San Pedro, CA.
This studio complex was the warmest of all the places lived up to that point. The neighbors were nice and sociable and the area was cluttered with aspiring artists. On this day, I was trying to make new things and take photos of something different. I had been unemployed for a while and so I was trying to find some sort of direction to lighten the burden of responsibility placed on my girlfriend. The struggle of moving and surviving on the other side of the United States was a hard one that I was uneducated to rise above once I got into the rut, but I did document it.
The media captured before San Pedro was all deleted and thrown out one day while at the apartment. I had decided that I needed to let go of my past because it was slowly eating away at me like a batch of poison. There was a lot of great stuff in there too I would have loved to share with you now, but alas, it’s gone like time.
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