High Fashion

Here is a little preview to the first outfit I am designing for my exclusive clothing line. In this video I talk about the flow and difficulties of learning how to design my first outfit from scratch. I decided not to use a blueprint and to learn the process using my mind. Although there were times I was tempted to use the easy path of hopping online and learning that way, I felt it was necessary to learn through cognitive processing. I would face roadblocks then ask myself how I can pass them. I know this type of lesson is exactly what I need to be able to train myself to face other walls imposed by life. This is pretty cool. The design, I believe, can easily rival that of designer labels such as Prada, Burberry, Gucci, and Hermes.

/ah-rive fash-un/
/əˈrīv ˈfaSHən/

Reach a place at the end of a journey or a stage in a journey in style.

Latex Test Shoot 2

Getting the camera angles, seeing how it looks, what it feels like and areas to improve before filming. Practice when it comes to a type of film style I am not familiar with.

I have an upcoming film project that requires a lot of new camera work and real-world special effects. I have been building devices that adjust qualities of matter and also have been working with the default codes of nature to create some really stunning visual effects.I’m not going to tell you how I do it, that’s part of my brand and trademark. I am doing tons of testing to ensure this experience takes the viewers to places far beyond. 🙂


Introducing the NIKE DIMENSIONS Air shoes.

The bubble aired section adjusts to your weight and posture to help correct your center balance with every step. The auto lace design is activated by placing your foot into the shoe and double tapping on the button on the leather piece next to the ankle. The system can detect if your feet are sweating and open and close the knitted fibers to allow for better air circulation.


Time Zone test shoot

The latex time traveler outfit test shoot was done to help gain a better understanding of posture, posing, action, and angles. In this clip, you can see various light action shots. Continue reading “Time Zone test shoot”