Changing My Vibrational Attitude

Directing my configuration of experience on the fly to shift into alternate realities. Inserting into the field of new I add to my instance and in the moment I see the changes and document them. I know you, but you don’t know me. If you follow this, you have been led into a very precise reality from the infinite amount of parallels available. Thank you for coming along for the ride. As I shift into zones more distinctly different than the pictures of life that are standard, will you still come or chose to go separate in worlds? The position of the placement of the atoms will be different but your consciousness will still be, you may be a different being, but I know its still you. You don’t know me, but I know you.
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The Courage of Surrender

In this moment the touch of the divine will led me to the heights of a mountain. There, I did a photoshoot while breathing in the wondrous sights abound. On my way back, I came to a stream coming down from the top of the mountain. On the climb to the top, I noticed gold flakes everywhere in the stream. In a pairing with messages, this meant a change was about to take place. Little did I know, but after I climbed a cliff with my camera and tripod in hand, I was going to do something out of my comfort zone. Continue reading “The Courage of Surrender”

Across Times Defined: Alaya-Vijnana

Who’s been keeping up with the dimension144 studies? We are almost ready to design our 2nd reality.
Take the first steps into knowing how to self-heal and travel throughout time and space in this advanced intellect post.
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Light Coding and Adjustment Balancing

Understanding how light/energy work and adjusting its properties is a very delicate process. The slightest improper tuning can set a person, world, or even an entire universe into an alternate dimension. Continue reading “Light Coding and Adjustment Balancing”

2 Fine Days

I came across a lady that wanted to do a live class with me on vibrational healing. The day of, the sun finally pierced through the clouds and gloom from the month of rain showers, leaving a calm serenity thereafter. It would go to show that the attunement worked on levels externally. Within, the peacefulness also took hold. Continue reading “2 Fine Days”

Across Times Defined: Adrogynous (Androgynous)

Learn about this word and its significant meaning in today’s times.

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The Burden and Honored Privileged

This letter comes to you in a moments heed and call of directive. I am before you to explain what I am becoming. This may serve as a shock to many if not all that read upon these words, however, it is not of joke nor partial arrangement. Continue reading “The Burden and Honored Privileged”

Statistical Notes

For the month of January 2018, landed 107,544 visits. A 30% increase from the month prior. As I continue to perfect the design of the website and marketing elements, this number is just going to keep rising up. In no time, It will surpass my previous milestones made hitting over 11 million visits in a month from a previously sold company of mine.

As if numbers are the thing I aim for, they are actually not, however, in the business of business, numbers = worth and that is where the clients live. If I ever want to interact with world leaders, the impact of my motion must have the weight and volume to reach their busy little ears. My steps are planned and the effort I put forth is a dedication that anyone anywhere would be grateful of.

Moving forward, the upcoming posts and designs are going to start becoming more and more immersive. If you haven’t tried out the demo, swing by and find the Nuka Cola Vending machine.


This is the world. This is the experience. There is a mix of expression. Wanted and Unwanted, loved and hated, joyed and pained. I have seen the push of separation everywhere and also seen the very thing that unifies us all. I have seen the fear in dying and also the courage of living. I have seen religion as hope and as despair. I have heard countless stories of being, believing, becoming. I have heard the sides of the scale and to which they weigh. And I tell you that although these thoughts, these words, are in me, they are not me. This arrangement of decisions from decisions lead to only more deciding. To live in that experience, shackled by the programs definition, is not me. In that I am just a puppet as much as the next. And to break free of that code, what does it mean? Are we then just actors of another play within the story? To what distance does this mirage of reality take me? For, to be here in such an arrangement with the power to perceive this display, it must also be from the same hands. Is this our story, trapped by the confines of the pages within the book it is written? And even if we leap from the pages, what art thou but more images of conception. Glorified by sin. Realized through mistakes, lessons, trials. What comes of the author that writes the fall and rise, to what bounds are we chained? Where in this is the gift of boundlessness? A blind eye not seeith the paradox upon us. is it no choice then but to bow down and respect the cage of the bird, the code of its life, the arrangement of its rules? And is it within such that we see each are different, yet in the same exact place? This winding corridor of passages. What have you done to me? Is there even an I? To move about in the ball of chatter or to move the ball itself, it is all a direction of sensory entertainment with a hidden ‘why.’ Do we choose what we ride in our field of emotions or is choice an illusion manifested for comfort? And to give up, allowing a full flow direction of trust, the director reveals that it has always directed. Wanting lives that suffer to build strong worship, lives that live in bliss to praise, torn lives that hate upon the word to take its power, an all exchange of recycled energy within the same bubble, bouncing from another to another in a go here-go there directive. Such a thought could only exist in and of what? To what end does it seek? To what alteration is it willing? Is this in its rest, a dream, an excuse. Seen. Now, besides what is, what else you got? This world of mental polarities of tribal belief seeks 1 truth. Direct an answer that is not through your standard sources, they are just a succession of compromised confusion. To each cannot lead a solid response without riddle, detects they are played and lost in sensation. To whose hand, to whose hand?

Black Panther

Behind the scenes, cast interviews, the world premiere, and other data of fine details of the Marvel Studios film Black Panther, are spread throughout this page. If you are a fan of the comics, Marvel, watching the process of the movie magic creation, or becoming more immersed in T’Challa’s world, Dimension144 has got it.

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Introducing the NIKE DIMENSIONS Air shoes.

The bubble aired section adjusts to your weight and posture to help correct your center balance with every step. The auto lace design is activated by placing your foot into the shoe and double tapping on the button on the leather piece next to the ankle. The system can detect if your feet are sweating and open and close the knitted fibers to allow for better air circulation.


Enlightenment Inbound (Note)

I have read the policies that forbid sacred knowledge from leaving the chambers at which they are held, however, this is not the time to enclose. We are at a defining moment in our lives and a new class is emerging. I understand many things about the universe, its laws, and the codes of adjustment. I have seen many things, experienced death, and have done things that would otherwise be considered supernatural. I believe it is the opportune time to begin showing the surface of what we can do. We are at the moment where we are no longer children and we are stepping into the welcome party of/from the universe.
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