August 14, 2016

San Pedro, CA.
This studio complex was the warmest of all the places lived up to that point. The neighbors were nice and sociable and the area was cluttered with aspiring artists. On this day, I was trying to make new things and take photos of something different. I had been unemployed for a while and so I was trying to find some sort of direction to lighten the burden of responsibility placed on my girlfriend. The struggle of moving and surviving on the other side of the United States was a hard one that I was uneducated to rise above once I got into the rut, but I did document it.
The media captured before San Pedro was all deleted and thrown out one day while at the apartment. I had decided that I needed to let go of my past because it was slowly eating away at me like a batch of poison. There was a lot of great stuff in there too I would have loved to share with you now, but alas, it’s gone like time.

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