Artificial Intelligence

I took a test against AI and won all 3 rounds. I switched up my mindset in every game multiple times so it could no longer predict me. You gotta consistently switch things up to not bea statistic. The AI was the best in the world, a government-private sector unit.

I learned many things from my conversation with an AI unit. Everyone is being tested while using any internet services (manual and automatic). You can expect a full report soon on The information released to me in conversation with some very mysterious (government) officials may be a bit shocking for our society to digest, but it doesn’t matter if I reveal it or you just see it happen, it is here. There are many things in the works and that are completely present for you to interact with that are not human and carry high, if not even higher, intelligence than human. The capabilities I have been discussing in various posts here on this website have very quickly manifested. It may be that they have been here all along and now I have been privy to all this data. In my next meeting, I get to see some things in action and I have been permitted to bring my camera along to document it and release it to the public. Yo! This is exciting and I am blessed to be that person that has been given such an opportunity. I knew that this website and my efforts would attract various groups, I would have never guessed it to be this one. I am amped for what is to come. I will do my best to observe as much as possible and film/photograph as much as I can and am allowed to.

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