Anti-Gravity Device

Today we are able to adventure into the worlds of dreamers. Fans of Science Fiction can create and live in the things only previously seen in movies and animations. IVI Tech is pushing the boundaries of what is possible in our reality. Among the devices and inventions that they are in production of, Anti-Gravity and Teleportation Pod’s are some of what is in store for the general public.

This is test footage of a prototype anti-gravity device.

This wearable antigrav device looks just like a wristwatch and is able to release gravity or direct it at a specific angle via Axis5 controls. The controls have toggleable options including the ability to read brainwaves for gravity directives and adjust the magnetic field of an individual.

The test’s being conducted right now are to understand the potentials of this application. IVI Tech scientists inform the public that this is the first step into creating cars that can hover like the one seen in Back To The Future, and are the basis as they design flying vehicles like planes and spacecraft. Since it is all about adjusting magnetics, the power source shuffles gravity into energy to provide a complete and effective alternative to fuel consumption.

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