Ancient Origins

Egypt, a place located on a planet where we are born and has as much mystery as the consciousness that humanity has. The Pyramids and King Tutankhamon have been a topic of discussion for countless people. The purpose behind the alternate way of thinking and living may just be solved soon, as we are constantly and progressively advancing our search for understanding why in our lives this has become and why we do not know about it.


Some of the precepts I have personally come across, dive into multi-dimensional talk including:
rooms within the pyramids that teleport people into other rooms,
tunnels in the pyramids that test the mental acuity of the occupants by magnifying what it is they are feeling and thinking as it manifests instantaneously around them in various form,
a room that has been unopened due to a magnitude of radiation and electrical interference,
the missing capstone actually being there, just in a higher dimension and is accessible in times of need,
the pyramids being a nodal point on the Earth that connects to an energy grid surrounding the planet,

Zahi Hawass supervises the removal of the linenwrapped mummy of Tutankhamun/Tutankhamon from his tomb for further scientific study.
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the planet and pyramids are in a timed activation that will turn on and create a massive energy conduit that will create and portal and shift of all matter,
a design to have King Tutankhamon’s name spoken well into the distant future after his legacy has been long forgotten in essence, having immortality through sound, thought, and physical activation, which in-turn makes all followed Egyptians immortal too and activated throughout time,
the pyramids were built in the 4th or 5th dimension and slowly transitioned into the 3rd dimension. This type of construct is something that has been coming more and more clearer as I develop a better understanding of how manifestations are performed. There seem to be multiple ways to develop things into reality, one is within time, which calls for action, effort, and resources to create the object in mind. Another way is to access the realms beyond time and making the object or environment and holding onto the image with intensity. Knowing as many aspects of the image, and then calling it into reality. To a person observing this, it would look like a hazy mirage coming into full focus. The amount of effort and mind energy to do such a thing is immense (at least when first starting to develop these skills), but just like practicing and ritualizing anything else in life, it becomes a simple thing with continued effort,
Timing and alignment on a local, humanity collective, and universal scale will intersect at a divine occasion and in such a moment, the reality will alter, and our embedded data will also come into being. In such a moment, our lives and timeline of living will make up only 1% of our experience instead of 100%, as we unlock the gateways of the secrets long unknown, witnessed at spots around the planet including the pyramids,
The objects are from another parallel reality and are a bridge between both worlds,
The area around the pyramid and the Eye of Horus school were made to create multi-dimensional beings. The trials in the temples were made to create types of thoughts and emotions that each initiate would have to face and overcome. It is known that there are certain arrangements of thought, memory, and emotion that can anchor a person into latent development.

As you can tell by now, beyond the basics, there are many theories and connecting understandings that make each one of the things I have heard, all mesh together into one system. Although all of that is astonishing, it too is only from the known data we have come across and just like everything else in this life, the unknown is infinite, and anything is possible because of that. Thinking deeper into that understanding, can we navigate the general outcome of any experience with a collective focus? Is there something we can all agree on that we can test this theory out with?

Before we go deeper into this, let’s reveal some more details about this interesting time capsule.

When we discover something that has not existed before in our conscious knowledge, sometimes it is difficult to believe or understand. If it is a new unlocking it sometimes has more difficulty to be digested and understood than if we discover something that existed in history that surfaces.

I want to share with you one of the many aspects of creation and part of the design of how time potentially works. First, we must all understand that we all are learning, some have embodied in their path, a profound amount of effort to decode the universal programming, while others just live life as it is. There is no wrong way and if you take a look high above, one way or another, subconsciously or consciously, we are learning the code. Also as we step into new information, it is in our human nature to test and verify everything. We match it up to any and all information we know about our present and past. The perfection of this entire arrangement and the imperfections of not knowing creates some totally unique dances of our lives.

Do you think we are at a state of being where we can receive new information from beyond and be able to handle the truths of new code that come along with it, or do you think that it would be easier to “discover” this information from uncovering a historic milestone? Chances are, that if the load is something that redefines our very being, it would be smoother at first to awaken our potentials through uncovering information about our potential past.

As a construct of space and time, being tasked with delivering such a message, requires some additional knowledge of how the rules work and what areas within each rule are possible in enhancing the definition. Just like the drag and drop option we use on our computers, time has the potential of working the same way. In the case of the pyramids, let’s run through a scenario that the grand architect may do that is within the perimeters of the known codes of space, time, and present reality state.

Manifesting from your past into the present is as easy as thinking of a word in your head and then writing it on a sheet of paper. This act has a duration, from the moment it is a thought all the way to when it has completely been written and you are observing the word. This is the standard act of delivery that we know. Here is how we power the thought through our action to create it as a physical form. I am proposing that there are other ways to manifest and that as we develop, we will be able to access the alternative abilities. However, you must develop in order to utilize alternative features, this means you have to be consciously aware and in agreement within those higher dimensions. Yes, what I am saying here is that the dimensions are conscious beings too and that you must earn your way if you want to have more available.

Holding this in mind, now I will go into what it is like to make something in the present and place it into the past to discover in the present, and I will use King Tut and the Pyramids as the visualization tool.



Manifesting From dimension144

Before we can build the pyramids, we need to tap into the frequencies and become it. There is a bunch of information to make sense of. Take it at your own pace;

You can’t force love, and even though I’ve dealt with a bunch of unwanted, I have loved it so because of the love of knowledge. Knowing that you can’t force love, within accessing dimensions, you probably want to understand that those dimensions are also conscious. You must truly have the drive to be able to say,
With eagle-eye vision, I want to know. I face myself in the mirror and tell me that I want to know. I tell every part, every fiber of my being that we all need to work together to know. Because although they, we, all say we are all conscious and one, the support is like love and cannot be forced. I want to know all about manifesting, creating, through more than the duration in time.

To go to that level is to know all the things from here to there and consciously connect. And if you dive into the direction, skipping the duration of knowing, the knowledge does help in catching up and teaching what was bypassed. How you are taught, however, is up to your perception and effort therein. To know this intensity is to know others that share truthfully that same vision. To those that want and know they can understand what it means to be something more, are.
There it is, love.

Have you seen how experience connects? It is fate if ya miss placement on the more aligned that you get to taste reflection? How many types reflect our sight, is there a difference?

The intensity to understand an alignment that suggests assistance in developing the conscious being, suggests that a greater designer and development team flow. The furthering personal development would be to understand such, if such, and connecting to that level of awareness, knowledge, wisdom, and ability would probably be a sight that sparks the curiosity journey into the unknown with direction.

That’s what’s brought you here, a chance to run into insight and maybe even to fix separation on higher requests with the addition to wisdom and newly formed communication. We first communicate separately on the inbound of our love, and curiosity and request open the Portals of Experience. The element of trust somehow gets shattered, not at self-fault of clear definition, on that level, it is the experience delivery to blame. When we see a better way to deliver our development, we realize that our connection to the dimension needs to be found. Within that search of the lost, we become open again to the possibilities, regardless of how we may feel from experience. This begins the development of a new today.

So, if you were the developer of reality and invisible to the normal human being, how would you deliver that new today insight?

There are so many things to account for and we wouldn’t want to shock the conscious. Is the unknown easier to digest if it comes from our past? The past seems like a comfort that is a platform constantly raising our being to higher steps of knowing.

The development team would want to fine tune what surfaces from the past and how/when it surfaces.

A multi-dimensional being would understand many dimensions and how to connect one to the other. It would be our goal to know what that knowledge is and the developers would want to share their knowledge. Separation in this sense shows a pinpoint accuracy to learn and connect to. We know that it is one of many things we learn in our possibility of development and directional guidance systems. Human beings have a bunch of yo-yo-type thoughts and others that are stone. There’s a bunch of things to process, I get it. The developer’s job would then be to understand the many dimensions of a human being and develop the best connection. So the developer’s design a history to catch up to the present and within it, the acceptable data to connect to.

How? This three-letter worded question is just as creative as the wondering.

We are first going to go into creating an object in an alternate dimension and transferring it to the 3rd Dimension or connecting the two dimensions with an object as a bridge. It’s then just like connecting a power plug into a socket, right?
When we think of things, we connect to that thought. Knowing what part of that is you, to learn, we pay attention. Adventuring through this website, you may obtain a larger perspective within a vast angle of the infinite. We have designed the link below to load a new page with every visit. Head into this and get a greater sense of things on dimension144. Observe if you want to,

Enter Dimension144
First, I ask you, when you have an idea, vision, or thought, where do you see it?

Nikola Tesla wrote and discovered some interesting foundations that can help direct us on this path of discovery and clarification. And as we put together these pieces of a scattered puzzle, what we find is going to be AmaZing.

In 1938 Tesla opened up and spoke briefly that man can harness specific processes, to:

“-Precipitate matter from the ether
-Create whatever is wanted with the matter and energy derived
-Alter the earth’s size
-Control earth’s seasons (weather control)
-Guide earth’s path through the Universe, like a spaceship
-Cause the collisions of planets to produce new suns and stars, heat, and light
-Originate and develop life in infinite forms”

The first two points help us to understand that manifesting from an alternate plain of reality and bringing it into our dimensional existence (physicality) is possible and has been something in the works for a long time. Our job and goal here is to understand how.

With the recent boom of spirituality in western culture, it has now seen worldwide exposure on a media and entertainment platform. Knowing a portion of what spirituality is, assists us in decoding more of what it means to exist and how to perform more consciously advanced. Afterall, it is our being and lifeform that we are existing as. It makes sense to discover more of what is possible for our growth as this advanced being.

Starting that understanding of materialization,

“When I get an idea, I start at once building it up in my imagination. I change the construction, make improvements and operate the device in my mind.”

“It is absolutely immaterial to me whether I run my turbine in thought or test it in my shop. I even note if it is out of balance. There is no difference whatever; the results are the same.

In this way, I am able to rapidly develop and perfect a conception without touching anything. When I have gone so far as to embody in the invention every possible improvement I can think of and see no fault anywhere, I put into concrete form this final product of my brain.”

Nikola Tesla

It seems like he has something here, right?
It is a direction of manifestation. His path involved time and hands-on building. Distinctly, we can say that there can be other processes that create with instantaneous speed. As light, it appears at the snap of a finger. Light, energy, matter, direction, thought, and imagination.

Let’s take a look at ideas.

When we dream, think about things, wish, have ideas, or collect thoughts to speak or even write something like this arrangement on this page, we are designing from a space that is not physical. It is my understanding that this is a place that is part of the “ether” that Tesla was talking about. although that realm carries much more than the mental aspects (which some of the other parts will be shared later on throughout, I want to start here with something relatable that every reader can sense and place with their knowledge and views, to possibly give access to expansion.

As we observe this place that forms the things we see within, we can see that it is endless and infinite in power. There is no shortage of this “sight.” How is that possible that within us we carry an infinite source?

When we have an idea/vision of something we want to engage with the physical senses, we choose to act on it.
So now we have a path that we can look upon that reveals how we create.

Thought Form -> Agree to Experience -> Experience

This entire process is under control of our will. Tesla also states that when he designs his reality, he first goes as deep as he can within his knowledge to be as detailed as possible in his vision within, all prior to making the first forward motion of physical creation.

Our thought is the seed and our actions plant, water, and take care of the seed so it may grow in such a way for us to harvest from it.

From here, there are a few directions I would like to go into and address it to the best of my reign of sight.

Infinite Power

In the realm of thinking, we have infinite power, by the time we choose to put it into physical action, we lose the force of the infinite and have to use physical energy to manifest. We all know that in our present state of being, we consume to fuel ourselves and the tools we use to live and create with.This leads to a major question where we can ask, where along the path from inner vision to outer action, do we lose our infinite energy?

This question has led me on an incredible journey to try and understand the reasoning behind this security system that prevents us from harnessing our unlimited in all our embodiment.
The first lesson I learned within all my research on this subject, was, that if we are to be able to fully be infinite, there must be certain responsibilities we must succeed in order to utilize such. Just like how graduating a grade in school, unlocks another level of deeper knowledge, this too may just require that same level of intellect and educational challenge.

You can see in people today, that we, at times have difficulty controlling our emotions, desires, and thoughts, so it makes complete sense to have security checkpoints in place to prevent a mess from instantly manifesting while in the early stages of being a human. That type of world would be utter chaos if everything we thought or felt was instantly created in the physical. I’m certain that everyone that is reading this has had some unfavorable thinkings from their lives experience, so you could probably imagine what that would be like if the world went ahead and made things happen to the beat of that drum.

Ok, so then, if we cannot cast our magic until we reach a certain level of responsible enlightenment, what is that state of awareness and how can we get to it?

This is where I ventured into places beyond the surface. I could no longer window shop the views, I needed to educate myself on more possibilities so I could have the chance to expand my reign of vision and see how I can become god. To manifest. To change my material composition. To bilocation. To be omnipresent. To be as infinite and eternal as the endless power that comes from within.

You still with me? We are getting deep and we are going deeper. To know is to understand.

This is where I began my ability to be in more than one place at the same time.
I began experiencing physical life from many directions at the same time while processing many ideas and routes within. Watching/observing all of them while working through each to find answers, parallels, and differences that could lead to more questions to help expand my vision, knowledge, and wisdom. Life itself took on a new meaning.

Here in this effort, I came across many paths that asked for attention, some frightening and for those, I would have to learn to be brave and also try to see more than I saw, and feel more than what was felt.

If I ever was to pass through the gates that separated or prevented me from becoming my milestone of goals and if I ever was to surpass them, I would need to do some serious work to understand.

If you can tell, I am unfolding manifestation, life, progression, evolution, expansion. This can be a shocking thing, but its no more shocking than death itself. And possibilities reveal that death is only one way to live.

Some people ask why I got so serious, and I hope this post and website, brings some clarity of why and where I have gone to know what I know and what I do. In the first leg of the adventure, a certain mystery is activated and losing oneself become the happening thing, and in that space, I began to become a better man. Which leads me to this,

“When we cannot invision the details, we experience them”

This loops us back around to the question, what do we need to learn or know to be able to advance beyond the level which we cycle through? And how is this information delivered to us as a collective?

Bounce back to manifesting, if we have something surface from our past that resonates and defines a new source of who we are now, would it be the thing we need that moves us into higher steps of existing? Could we discover a piece of us that has been there all along like when a child first finds his nose and ears? Could a discovery of something within us or of us, redefine the designed code of our arrangement of life?

Before I go any further with this directive, I would like to reveal a potential use of the structure of time.

As previously discussed, a team of developers on a higher level would need to design a way to assist the collective consciousness in unlocking more data. On the level of an observer within the flow, it can be clearly seen that there are many items progressing around humanity and anyone that is an analyst can quickly determine that each type of notable change is running parallel and in the same direction. Right now, there is nothing moving the opposite direction of time (that is observable). However, our capabilities are allowing us to see new details in what has been prior and what is now being. The information sometimes conflicts with one another and in many cases, the primitiveness of the past seems to have more precision and knowledge with may things that nowadays would require machines for assisting us in populating and devising. This observation shows many different possibilities.

1) The separation of a certain type of knowledge and connectivity.
2) The space within for something else to be loaded

Was if that human of prior had an understanding of space, time, and alternate realms, and were they in communication with a different wisdom force? Why is it that we now, are perplexed and delayed with the understanding of things before? Is the data “handed down” upon generation skewed and where are the answers to the things which we seek to know of? Why is there supreme difficulty moving past novel notions? How do we know origination and what part of any of this is actual truth? Is there actual truth? Or is everything just a game that our individual consciousness has confronted and has placed comfort zones of history and material functioning to propel a direction for our senses to make sense of. Is this all something much different than we think it is? Is there any truth or is it all fashion, a wearable outfit?

We take time, we think of placing something on the timeline of our past so then in our embedded history, it has been there all along. Even if it is a new thing placed in our past, since it is there beyond our length, it has existed. Could the pyramids and many other things have been placed in our “past” with a set of data that is carried to our present?

And so, we simply accept it. Because it has been and because we know time as a specific idea and have not ventured to design or internally speak alternate ways to the design. The laws of the universe, then are suggestive to the limits of our beliefs. And if so, when do we look at our structure and attempt to observe it beyond the blueprint we assume it is?

Is our experience locked in place while everything else is infinite? I find that hard to believe and even harder to set in stone that our will has limits as such. So then is it our minds that seek to adjust beyond the bubble of our dreams? Is the present world speaking to us through our means of expression, is it telling us something we haven’t our ears tuned to? Are we lazy to believe that there are no other options to being whom we are, what we are?

What are we?

Now we must dive into whatever history has presented itself to us. We must look into us. We must find our present definition and also exceed our expectations by designing alternate and higher potentials for us to look upon. Matter, in a scientific term, is all about how we are observing it. What we are targeting, what our foundation is, deeper rooted, all our being is funneled into the observation and from that comes a directive for the matter. Is it time, in our time, to lift out of one mode and funnel (ascend) into another?

If the sight is there for such, there must be a reason for such a sight.

But how do we design that sort of path with such a weight of data pointing matter, form, and life, into a direction that may be asking for expansion or alteration, but has not the ability to do so except within a time-based duration? Is time than working to design and assist us toward enlightenment and visualization? What do we actually need to know, what is here, what aren’t we “getting”, and how do we begin finding the clues to the potential of knowing something this radical and different? What can be done?

We spew suggestions of this path, that path, the right way, the wrong, but it all is within the same construct that has been and it seems that we are all reaching for something that is not part of any of that. Yes, we can find peace, serenity, self-awareness with discarding many articles of ego clothing, but, that still resides within the same structure and within that are the opposites. So is this complete structure the one or (as I am suggesting,) are we able to shift the current of reality?

It all seems farfetched. It sounds like something that does not have any place here. But yet, there it is. As if anything anywhere actually makes any sense, it doesn’t, we all know this. And we can’t say why it has been the way it has been. We do not know. Intention? Training?

Is this training? Does this come back around to what we previously said, that our progression is like a classroom and this is the directive to learn? Is this where we get some answers? But damn, that is tricky too, we may shift our paradigms into new modalities, and that will only reveal that at any given level of knowledge, the structure completely changes us and around us. Is that something you are ready for? Are you ready to experience a different set of laws and structure than what has been there all your life? It seems like it is fantastical and magnificent to garner such a divinity of experience and information.

This would then reveal that our present reality is a single pixel in a larger portrait. One that has much to explore still. So do we ascend and then revisit with a new being? Do we bounce from one zone to another and how far or how many levels do we flow? Is this what it means to be infinite?

That, this intention, this kinda movement is mighty brave and grand in the greatest sense of being best always.


Now, I am not saying that this reality is lame. Not by any means. There is plenty here to appreciate, the composition, its laws, how everything works in such unity with each other. And us as humans, such creative beings, look what we have been able to do with the resources around us. Such gifted beings. I just feel that there is something more for us so that we can come at this entire experience from fresh angles and be able to learn and design our expressions beyond our limitations. And to be more than we are, we have to look in places we have not.

Now that the vision is placed, before we proceed with understanding time, placement, and items like the mysterious pyramids, let’s dive deeper into a series of questions and statements, shall we? This section is meant to be meditated upon. If you can, sit with a question or statement for a while and look into it. See if you can find the layers leading to the question, detect the path to an answer, and try to collect knowledge from within yourself.

Where is consciousness?
Is it attached to the body?
If the body dies, does the consciousness?

Where is consciousness?
We can control body movements, whole parts, muscles, can consciousness control more of the body or the space surrounding it?

It can detect through the senses and act or experience with them.

Consciousness can think on its own in a separate space from it.

Many body features are not controlled by the consciousness. Yawning, for example.

What part does consciousness have and why is experience something that is needed by consciousness?

Where is consciousness?

What is operating consciousness?

What are, if any, consciousness limitations? and why?

I feel, with sensitivity onto my body, what does that have to do with consciousness?

Why do I inadvertently go to places and then once there, in a unique location and position, I experience something and how does that connect to my consciousness?

What other “forces” are here?

Is my consciousness visible?
Or is it invisible?

Am I consciousness or is consciousness a part of me?

What do I know of consciousness?

Why is it that if my body is comfortable or uncomfortable, it affects my consciousness?

Where is consciousness and where am I in all of that?

What is the union between consciousness and body? Why?

What is beyond consciousness?

If I observe consciousness, is that separate or within consciousness?

If it is separate, where is the observer and how does the observer connect to consciousness and bodily functions?

What is the connection?

How does one, as consciousness or observer, connect, and can there be other connections or are there other connections?

Is consciousness a smaller part of a larger feature, housing it and the advanced?

How does consciousness connect to the advanced and is it possible to absorb or union with a higher source?

Are the observer and consciousness the same thing or separate?
What divides or unifies them?

How do you bring this state of understanding into knowing?

What is the balance, if any, between the consciousness and the external reality?

Is the body only part of the external reality?
How can consciousness be justified as part of another reality? Internal? Another dimension?

Is this all the brains doing?
Or does the brain act as a 2-way (or multi-way) radio?

To what and where?

Where is consciousness?
Where is the observer?

Even if we store all this data in our brain, it doesn’t do any good if we die. Does the brain know that it goes elsewhere?
Why does it try to amass knowledge?

Is there a possibility to alter the decision of the body and interface, using consciousness or a higher form of this being?

Is there a way to adjust the observable reality?

How do I connect to this higher source, if there is such a thing, knowing that there are rather unique/supernatural occurrences that happen in the observable reality that is not directly connected to consciousness on this level of knowledge?

[more to come within this post, keep checking back here for the updates]


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