Across Times Defined

Come with Dimension144 as we travel through space and time with words.

Throughout history, humanity has learned and lost information about itself. Meanings behind methods, truths of words, and the efforts to find such connections sometimes get lost in translation. Just like the childhood game “telephone” where a group of people relays a message one by one by whispering it into the ear of the person next to them and passing the message along until it comes back to the person that started it, most occasions reveal that the original message is far gone by the time it reaches where it began. In today’s era, people are constantly rebranding words, symbols, and other things to fit their unique personalities that also “telephone” its original properties. There are also words and meanings that simply get lost and others that have yet to be found, or is it the lost being found again? Whatever you may deduce, Across Times Defined set out to bring alternative clarity into many things throughout histories past, present, and future.

Click on a word and be sent off to that page where you can watch a visually attractive video overlayed with some knowledge and vibratory audio.


Adrogynous (Androgynous)
Akshara (Aksara)
Alert – Passivity
Alert – Wakefulness


Bioplasma Force Field


Pearly Emperor, The

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