Across Times Defined: Alaya-Vijnana

Who’s been keeping up with the dimension144 studies? We are almost ready to design our 2nd reality.
Take the first steps into knowing how to self-heal and travel throughout time and space in this advanced intellect post.

Watch this video to learn things you may not have known about life, history, and yourself.

It could take up to one full month for all the coding within this video to decrypt within you. Make sure you have a dream journal next to your bed and jot down those dreams no matter how tired you are when you wake up halfway through the sleep cycle. Also be sure to bring a small reporters notepad with you as you carry on throughout the day, to write down all the visions that come through to you. Things are going to come to you.

Full Text:
This word derives from Buddhism.
It means to experience the universal light during meditation.
The universal light is the source and manifestation of all things.

1. It begins with forms rising in the mind
Forms are matter built out of consciousness that is shaped to the direction of human thought
Matter is the colonization of atoms in a vibrational frequency that a human being’s five senses can perceive.

It is said that the intent and emotion behind the thought excites the atomic particles to arranges patterns of various shapes, forms, and colors.
When an individual’s thoughts connect with an abundance of thoughts having similar properties, matter comes into existence.
This matter will stay in existence until mankind no longer needs this matter.
Learning how to direct matter without the need of the collective consciousness is the way of a master.
In Esoteric theory, all formations are the result of the sound they vibrate. Their “word.”
Each unit forms its own principles, individualities, and radiates out into various shapes for mankind to use.
The sounds that come from every object including human form is called the Music of the spheres.
It is hard to detect with the average human ear but can be perceived clairaudiently or by instruments designed to amplify these sounds.
When a unit, system, or organism is functioning properly, its chords and melody are harmonious.
When properties within are imbalanced they transmit a different sound.
New age doctors are using this knowledge to help detect cancers and other bodily issues.
There is also equipment that can raise the frequencies of the issues which causes them to disappear into a unified body.
In meditation, you clear mental states of imbalance to raise the whole body structure to higher frequencies.
The possibility of complete Self-healing has been revealed in today’s times.
This frequency shift also adjusts the reality and as a master you can teleport anyplace, anywhen.
(Churches have choirs that also assist in harmonizing with The Music of Spheres when they are angelic in melody)

2. Then there is a passing over great mass
This is where you face yourself from within.
Novices will start to see many aspects of their life through memories, ideas, and emotional bonds.
In order to pass this place and its anchors, you must be able to free your mind.
This state of being is called, Flow Free.
It pertains to how the mind should function to receive psychic information.
In Meditation, an empty mind has no preconceptions of what should transpire.
This allows the mind to flow freely.
To be in the flow of the soul, one must be in tune/alignment of the mental, astral, and physical bodies. This is also known as the Bodies of man.
The bodies are the seven states of consciousness that man functions in simultaneously.
Each carries their own set of principles, shapes, destiny, and vibrational frequency.
Each frequency knows its function and contributes to the overall goal of completing the finest body/monad.
This is known throughout many fields and can be seen through our evolutionary progression from sperm-cell to body-form.
As one learns and progresses, the bodies are peeled off/transmuted, until the monadic body is earned.
Monad means a single unit; the number one.

3. Continuing until one experiences pure emptiness of space
It is described as treading between the path of being and non-being.
There is nothingness, stillness, and here, you are also conscious although you are formless.
In this place there is only you, in mind. There is no matter or movement.
This place is a primordial energy field from which matter derives.
When first visiting this place, you might see your desires, people you know, sounds, and images of various life events pass by you.
If you grasp onto any of them, you are brought back into consciousness and have to start the meditation process over.
As you allow them to flow away and you enter into the emptiness of space, you may feel comfort in exiting the drama.
Some call this “death” when they first experience it.
In most cases, it is, you are letting go of your complete construct.
Everything you know, were, are, and wish you can be or have, peels away.

4. and then Universal Light.
Also known as the Light or Intelligence of all, The Source, God; a portion thereof, Total Intelligence, The Divine Intelligence.
Here, every sound, color, thought, emotion, smell, taste, feeling, physical structure, word, invention, discovery, ethereal structure, concept, idea, language, etc., that humanity will ever think of, exists.
This is where the overall pattern of all-there-is, the total of all intelligence located in the atom of the visible and invisible, are connected to each other.
This is accessible by anyone and everyone is this.

Experiencing all of this in meditation, brings forth new values within and sets a different view of the external life.
Practicing this and focusing on raising ones’ vibrations by clearing away anchors of behavior, thoughts, blame, past circumstances, and other cycles of being, will help in developing space to process a new way of being.
Observing in meditation any added aspects of the senses and approaching these new fields differently, aids in detecting any imbalances.
This also trains your awareness for the next stage of becoming.

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