Across Times Defined: Akshara (Aksara)

Can you sit for 15-20 a day with your eyes closed and meditate?
Find out in this video why you may want to try it out and upgrade your vocabulary and knowledge while you’re at it.

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Akshara (Aksara)
In the Vedanta philosophy it means imperishable, indestructible, fixed, immutable.
It is the name of the supreme being who is present in the innermost recesses of the heart.
Also known as AUM
Both Akṣara/Akshara and AUM are seen as a symbol or name of God who is the lord of all created things.

In meditation, Akshara is when the least balancing of outer stimuli is attained (least resistance).
This is done so to tune into unmanifested, perfectly correlated intelligence.

Being-ness, or some call it the Universal Consciousness, is an ocean of the unmanifested intelligence.
This is where all possibilities that can and will happen, manifest from.
In this angle, you are witnessing a process of God, to know part of the system seen by many.

A person able to access this state of being relaxes the twenty-four subjects of senses.
With the space from peace within, greater neurological co-ordination and coherence occurs.
Culturing the ability to think and act from the transcendent. Thoughts and actions are infinitely more powerful and have the potential for maximum success in minimum time.

They create waves of coherence that have a positive influence on collective consciousness, called The Maharishi Effect.

The Maharishi Effect is part of Transcendental Meditation.
The meditation practice involves the use of a mantra for 15–20 minutes twice per day while sitting with the eyes closed.
The key to seeing within and connecting on a higher level of intelligence is to allow yourself to try and see what can happen.
Observe your senses, thoughts, feelings/emotions, memories, insights, visions, and anything else that comes to the surface of your meditation session, comes with reason.
To witness such things and to process them with higher integrity, allows a fast track to new experiences.
Quantum Vacuum is another word symbolizing the effect of Akshara
In quantum field theory, the quantum vacuum state is the quantum state with the lowest possible energy. Generally, it contains no physical particles. Zero-point field is sometimes used as a synonym for the vacuum state of an individual quantized field.

According to quantum mechanics, the vacuum state is not truly empty but instead contains fleeting electromagnetic waves and particles that pop into and out of existence.

Using spirituality understandings and pairing them with scientific knowledge, this place is where things manifest and unmanfiest. The closest known source to the starting seed, the “word”, the source of life itself.

It is infinite.
It is within everything.
A perpetual motion of endlessness moving at varying rates.
It is everything.

In meditation, the Zero point is a superior state where one feels the darkness and silence, yet is alert to other levels of experience.
This is also called an Alpha State of Consciousness.
When in an alpha state, a being can use the conscious, subconscious, and superconscious minds simultaneously and shift back and forth between them intentionally and unintentionally.
Right before you go into a deep sleep, you access an alpha state.
A practiced meditator can remain in this state instead of falling asleep.
Somethings that happen while there is an awareness of the invisible, psychic information, and inspirational thoughts.
When one can consciously shift into this state without the need of inducing sleep, it is called going into Alpha Mode.

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