As you enter into a new dimension of existence, you connect to an expansive amount of new words to learn in describing your adventures. Expand your universe, dimension144 greets you.


StarWars The Last Jedi

Over 40 minutes of footage! (more…)

Public Release From FBI on Nikola Tesla

Official FBI Documents Now Live! (more…)

Anti-Gravity Device

Today we are able to adventure into the worlds of dreamers. Fans of Science Fiction can create and live in…

Crusing Up the Coast (GTAV)

Now that we are getting a feel for doing gameplay in a different style. Tony switched games to GTAV. In…

Questing (ESO)

After playing around with a few other online gamers, we take on a quest for the head of a thing…

Housing of The Dimensions Guild (ESO)

The Dimensions Guild has 4 locations as housing. Watch this video to see them all. As a bonus, you will…

Entering Into A New Dimension

This was one of the first days of Dimension144, December 16, 2016. (more…)

Manifestor‘s (ESO)

Now, Gregarious is learning new styles and is becoming a solid, fast action, wizard. (more…)

Paradoxical (ESO)

What kinda of things happen in the world of Tamriel? (more…)

Enlightened (ESO)

Here we go! This is where the shift occurs. The content changes, the player goes in deeper into the game.…

Late Night Wahhabi (ESO)

When exploring around some of the previously visited areas to pick up on provisions, Gregarious finds some new markings to…

Love What I Do (ESO)

Tall Papa be guiding our steps along this adventure and donates some fresh insight in bite sized breaks. (more…)

Carry Things Higher (GTAV)

Doing A mission. Then doing it again. Double sign-in bonuses! (more…)

Gundam Breaker 3

Cannon fodder goes micro and plays with some plastic Gundam's in the Singapore Version of Gundam Braker 3. (more…)

Where The Shadows Lie (ESO)

There is no way around it, the shadow must be faced, and faced it is. In this episode things get…

Closer To The Truth (Solus Project)

In the finale of the Solus Project, our character comes face to face with a cluster of non-human intelligences. (more…)

Cat Nip

Late at night I heard a rustling sound and when I went to investigate, Curry had opened a drawer to…

Rare Acacia (ESO)

Walls? No problem. We can break through them, you cannot stop us! (more…)

Master Thief (ESO)

Gregarious discovers a rare book and takes up a new mission to become a master of something. (more…)

Wahhabi Shards (ESO)

Collecting and fast running through some missions, we are leading up to another transformation in our gaming presence, so it…
TEAMWORK / Game Domain

The Adventures of The Dimensions Guild

This is a group of badass wizards, healers, and soliders. We travel through portals into alternate realities for the thrill of adventure.

In this page, you will get to uncover more of what it means to be a dimensionalist as we game together across many platforms in a guild.

In this thing we have called forth as a challenge of our lives, gaining the competitive edge and finding like-minded players, is key to success. Both aspects should be considered but not worshipped, as you might just rightfully know, that type of thinking processes a large amount of disappointment when results fail to deliver any parallel requests. Action and Expectation may drive you to a point, but after you get there, you must utilize other wits about you to advance to the next stages of expansion.>

What you equip, earn, and have as assets, determines the amount of support you can receive from other players. Stocking up early on and learning through action, questioning with trial, and observation, can all raise your self-worth in the arena.

Get your head in the game if you want to win.

Anti-Gravity Device

Today we are able to adventure into the worlds of dreamers. Fans of Science Fiction can create and live in…

Immersive Innovation

We love blending our resources and creating new ones, and this zombie smashing project paves the way for a new…

Time Zone test shoot

The latex time traveler outfit test shoot was done to help gain a better understanding of posture, posing, action, and…

Photographer Concept Art

Videogame developers, DIGImirror released two images of concept art from one of their upcoming releases, The Photographer. In this game,…

Flash Forward

High Life (TV Show Trailer)

From my reality to your screen and into your head then back out into your reality we go. Making things…

Thank You Subscribers

Thank you, subscribers, for helping us reach our goal of 100 accounts subscribed to the Dimension144 YouTube Channel. With your…

Encrypted Scrolls

At Dimension144 we enjoy designing things that are a step ahead of time. The music of Encrypted Scrolls speaks of…



Dimensional Imagery

Capturing images in real life or in videogames is a fun and explorative process. Now that videogame developers are specifically making UI’s to take photos and social media outlets like Instagram promote great photo taking, we can see a fantastic thing on the horizon. DIGImirror is making a game that the main focus is image capturing, and titles like Uncharted and Super Mario Odyssey carry features that give digital photographic artists a space to play. Things are all blending and opening up the world to translation from game to real life imagery.

Our crew at Dimension144 loves that these two worlds are blending and this page is devoted to our best images witnessed and captured in real life and videogames. In-between the great shots are stories that reveal the lead up to some of the most stunning moments witnessed in today’s era. As the world meshes through this transition, being observant and reacting quickly is key to ruling and being able to share the epic encounters that used to only be able to be told in worded stories. (more…)