As you enter into a new dimension of existence, you connect to an expansive amount of new words to learn in describing your adventures. Expand your universe, dimension144 greets you.


Note: To Live

Is this an arrangement that can be clearly solid and does this encourage expansion, to seek, to discover, to review,…

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Immersive Innovation

We love blending our resources and creating new ones, and this zombie smashing project paves the way for a new…

Peeps Mandala

Being gifted a case of Peeps and not wanting to eat them to save teeth, the decision was to make…

A Yard Full of ?

In Palm Springs, CA if you are up for a dash of oddity, you can come across a property that…

Sand Castles

Long Beach, CA (Earth Prime) hosted a sand castle competition. Check out these designs. (more…)

Geometric Communications

Coming across sacred geometry and mathematics, I started to learn about these shapes, sounds, and numbers, they began showing up…

The Hollywood Mummy

View photos and a behind the scenes build of the 5 story tall mummy sarcophagus placed in Hollywood, CA. (more…)

Lego Our Nation

What does a creative mind do with all the things that dance around inside their noggin……CREATE! Lego’s are just one…

Betting Up (Elder Scrolls Online)

As the exploration continues in Clockwork City, more becomes revealed about its secrets. In this episode we even get to…

South Park Fractured but whole finale’

This is it, the ending of the FBW game. Stay watching after the credits to see the battle with Morgan…

South Park Fractured but whole part 10

In this episode of FBW, the new kid meets a sacrificial pit, Jesus, and a biogenetic lab full of butts.…

The Game Awards 2017

Would you like to gain entry to The Game Awards December 7th for free? (more…)

Justice League BTS

If you are a fan of DC then you might find this post useful. (more…)

Clocked At Lightspeed (Elder Scrolls Online)

Let's get aligned with the ticking of the clock so the machine can see as we do. (more…)

South Park Fractured but whole part 9

Pimps, Stock Trading, Gold4Ca$h, and social media on alternate economic levels mix into this episode of FBW. (more…)

Tile’s The Mender (Elder Scrolls Online)

With Clockwork freshly unlocked, let's explore, do some missions, and see if we can find that darn Senche Mault recipe.…


How about a little magic in your life? (more…)

South Park Fractured but whole part 8

Ninja's assist Professor Chaos in this episode as Cannon_Fodder_19 get's his navigation in order. (more…)

Clockwork (Elder Scrolls Online)

Unlocked the Clockwork location through this fancy trick and now Gregarious is off to explore it. (more…)
Blogs / Adventures in...

The Power of Water

Right on the border of New York and Canada is a place that if visited in a very specific order of spots around the landmark, it will adjust your geometric codings and springboard your desitny.

Niagara Falls
If you are familiar with vibrations, audio tones, mental clearings, and reality shifts, then you can proceed with ease into this post. The experience received at this Wonder of the World is energizing and with any advanced being, can be observed to provide more than just an amazing sight and memorable experience.

The point of visiting places like this is to enjoy them and bring you to a state of being that is above previous versions of self. As the water rushes all around you externally, your senses are absorbing this informational magic and applying it to places throughout your structure. This convergence goes into places deep within your physical coding (HLA, FFA, Internal Biometrics, and DNA), as well as sources not physical in nature. Spiritual researchers, you may be able to understand the magnitude of establishing a connection through such a magnificent source of power. As the abundance of water flows past you and is perceived within you, that same amount of abundance begins to shift many embedded aspects of life. Some things that you could encounter is a change in the feeling and thought of “lack.” This external experience powerfully alters some of the hardest attachments to lower fields of energy like lack and raises the subconscious levels to begin instilling abundance into your life.

“Let The Waters Flow In”

Immersive Innovation

We love blending our resources and creating new ones, and this zombie smashing project paves the way for a new…

Time Zone test shoot

The latex time traveler outfit test shoot was done to help gain a better understanding of posture, posing, action, and…

Photographer Concept Art

Videogame developers, DIGImirror released two images of concept art from one of their upcoming releases, The Photographer. In this game,…

Flash Forward

High Life (TV Show Trailer)

From my reality to your screen and into your head then back out into your reality we go. Making things…

Thank You Subscribers

Thank you, subscribers, for helping us reach our goal of 100 accounts subscribed to the Dimension144 YouTube Channel. With your…

Encrypted Scrolls

At Dimension144 we enjoy designing things that are a step ahead of time. The music of Encrypted Scrolls speaks of…



Dimensional Imagery

Capturing images in real life or in videogames is a fun and explorative process. Now that videogame developers are specifically making UI’s to take photos and social media outlets like Instagram promote great photo taking, we can see a fantastic thing on the horizon. DIGImirror is making a game that the main focus is image capturing, and titles like Uncharted and Super Mario Odyssey carry features that give digital photographic artists a space to play. Things are all blending and opening up the world to translation from game to real life imagery.

Our crew at Dimension144 loves that these two worlds are blending and this page is devoted to our best images witnessed and captured in real life and videogames. In-between the great shots are stories that reveal the lead up to some of the most stunning moments witnessed in today’s era. As the world meshes through this transition, being observant and reacting quickly is key to ruling and being able to share the epic encounters that used to only be able to be told in worded stories. (more…)